How to close door without lock

How to close door without lock

Probably, each of us at least once in life, but left at home keys from outer door. The real problem was created: it was necessary to wait long under door of the family member who is late at work or to go to him to work to take keys. Provide, and suddenly under the law of meanness at this time it will be sent to business trip to other city. Situation not from pleasant. But it appears, it can be prevented in advance: for this purpose the special outer door is required.

It is required to you

  • - personal computer with access to global network;
  • - outer door with the coded lock on the handle or the biometric scanner;
  • - door closer;
  • - magnetic latch.


1. Find the shop specializing in realization of outer doors in the Internet. Attentively study the provided variety of offers. Order "clever" door without lock. Such doors are unique the fact that they have no built-in lock, but are equipped, for example, with the coded lock on the handle or the biometric scanner which is carrying out identification on fingerprints. Get such door and establish it. To close or open such door in case the outer door with the coded lock is established, it is enough to remember combination from several digits: they will also be the "key" locking and opening door.

2. Establish on the door which does not have the lock, the door closer. This mekhaniko-hydraulic device will carry out silent and smooth closing of door. It is possible to install the closer both on interroom doors, and on bulky access doors. To apply special efforts to close door it is not necessary, everything will make the installed door closer automatically: simply, having left the room, release door, and it will be closed.

3. Get in shop of furniture fittings magnetic latches for doors and execute their mounting. Operation principle of magnetic latches: one component of magnetic latch fastens on door case, and the second – on door cloth. In view of the fact that between them there is magnetic field, the door "is attracted" to box.

4. It is possible to close door with the automatic drive: it reacts to approach of the person and his distance. As soon as you depart from door, it will be closed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team