How to close gas pipes in kitchen

How to close gas pipes in kitchen

Gas pipes in kitchen give a lot of inconvenience to residents. Besides esthetic unattractiveness, they often do not allow to fix hinged cabinets on wall, to normally install household appliances. One of the simplest ways – to close gas pipes in box from gypsum cardboard.

It is required to you

  • - vertical profile;
  • - gypsum cardboard;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - polyurethane foam;
  • - construction knife;
  • - diamond grid No. 100;
  • - scissors on metal;
  • - screw driver.


1. For mounting of box establish vertical profiles. You need three pieces. Measure distance between each profile, then measure the same distance on galvanized profile, draw contour for preparation.

2. Make preparations by means of scissors on metal. Accurately insert them between profiles and fix. Fastenings have to be strong therefore the optimal variant is to use self-tapping screws. As the alternative option can be used prosekatel.

3. By means of the screw driver fasten sheets of gypsum cardboard to profile. Do it at first on the one hand, then – with another. Accurately cut off or saw off protruding edge of gypsum cardboard.

4. Level shear line diamond grid. Now to slot zapenta, remained between box from gypsum cardboard and wall. Let's polyurethane foam stiffen, then remove with construction knife its remains.

5. It is possible to revet gipsokartonovy box under which gas pipes are hidden at own discretion. The design can be painted in tone, harmoniously combined with color gamma of kitchen interior. In this case the box needs to be puttied previously.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team