How to close the furnace

How to close the furnace

If you at the dacha or in country house have oven heating, then you should be able to use it correctly, that is the nobility of the rule of ignition of the furnace, fire chamber and as it is correct to close it.


1. Operations procedure at fire chamber of the furnace such: Load firewood into the furnace, open oven valve. Completely open draft door (only for the period of ignition) and kindle firewood in the furnace. Firewood for kindling has to be completely dry and split into the logs having approximately identical thickness (from 7 to 10 cm). You make laying of firewood evenly, ranks. It will promote uniform burning.

2. After the first laying of firewood has burned through to condition of large coals (in about 30-40 minutes), close completely ashpit, open door of fire chamber and quickly load into it new logs. Close door of fire chamber and slightly slightly open ashpit. Do not open fire chamber door in period between laying of firewood - it will help to keep heat of the furnace.

3. Regulate burning process by ashpit and valve. Achieve quiet burning without rumble. The flame at the same time has to have light yellow color. If it bright white color, means the excess of air comes to fire chamber. Cover ashpit. If flame of dark shade - oxygen for burning insufficiently. Open draft door.

4. That the furnace kept heat longer, adjust also closing of valve of pipe. At completely open valve warmly literally "goes broke". If to close valve – there will be no draft, and smoke will go to the house.

5. After the last laying of firewood has burned through, rake up coals on grid of grid-irons. So they will quicker burn through. After all coals (they darken, and over them there are no blue sparks any more) have burned through, close pipe valve. It becomes to avoid heat leakage in open pipe. If for this time in the furnace is one-two more not burned through until the end of brand, just pull out them and put out. If grid irons are not closed by firewood, through them cold air which will lead to its fast cooling will get into the furnace.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team