How to close the yard from eyes of neighbors

How to close the yard from eyes of neighbors

Privacy – important component of modern life. It's not just that the person does not want to do the private life by public domain is frequent and they do not like to participate in private life of the neighbors.

The best way to provide privacy in own yard – fence. But in the conditions of close cottage building very few people will set up fence height to two floors. In such cases some methods of landscaping will allow to provide privacy.

Trees in garden as protection

Dense foliage not only hides undesirable types, but also reduces the noise level reaching from the street. In the summer in shadow of trees it is possible to equip recreation area or to use them for shadowing of South side of the house or terrace. In the winter sunlight will freely pass through branches. It is not obligatory to plant all yard with high trees, sometimes it is enough of one. Under tree it is possible to equip summer lunch zone (having put table with chairs), and between two strong trees it is possible to hang up hammock or swing.

Bushes – green hedge

The recreation areas landed along perimeter, bushes create natural obstacle, and the blossoming bushes also add visual appeal to the yard. For effective look it is better to create barrier from several plant species. It will allow to achieve two objectives – to increase decorative effect at the expense of combination of different shades and forms of foliage and also to save part of landings if one of species of the planted bushes dies from diseases or wreckers. About bushes it is possible to build small fountain.

Beauty of trailing plants

Ampelous plants – fast and cheap way to create private corner. Several trailing plants hanged on hooks around recreation area, balcony or porch not only will hide from curious eyes and will please in beautiful flowers with pleasant aroma, but some of them can be used as the repellents which are driving away insects.

Use of grapevine

Climbers allow to create dense screens of any form, height and in any place. The fast-growing rod can be used on gazebo, fence, pergola or lane for creation of lonely zone or for masking, for example, of the conditioner and garbage cans. Also it is excellent fence at the pool from neighbour's eyes.

Fence from bamboo

The bamboo quickly grows and in 2-3 years it will create the high natural screen which will not allow neighbors to look through it. It grows so densely and quickly that it can be used as green hedge. When choosing bamboo for landing in midland it is necessary to choose frost-resistant grades. Lack of such fence – need of creation of limiters for roots of plants that they did not extend on all garden. It is possible to grow up bamboo and in containers if plants still small, containers just are established on the eminence. Very well looks about the street furnace and brazier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team