How to close up deep scratch

How to close up deep scratch

On the way there is anything. The accidental stone can sometimes put to car covering considerable damages. And without exaggeration it is possible to tell that each scratch on the favourite car passes directly through the motorist's ""heart"".

1. It is possible to close up scratches in auto repair shop or independently. Everything depends on the scratch. If it superficial and small, does not affect deep layer of paint, and has only damaged varnish covering, then it is possible to manage polish, polishing paste or pencil-antitsarapinom. The composition of polish and polishing paste includes fine-grained abrasive substances. Application of similar means allows, having removed small layer of polish, to achieve plain surface. You can perform these works and.

2. And here if the scratch rather deep, white color, affects coat of paint and even metal, then experts have to be engaged in it already. However there are many technologies which national handymen offer unlucky car owners.

3. Dissolve a little autoenamel of suitable color on small open surface, for example, on piece of cardboard. Stirring slowly with match, wait when enamel gains consistence of dense sour cream, then apply with toothpick enamel on scratch, trying to get precisely to place of failure. If not to hurry, work accurately, the place of failure becomes almost imperceptible.

4. It is possible to use industrially developed repair kits which are on sale in autoshops. Such sets are easy-to-use, rather effective if to follow application instructions. Shortcoming at them only one: not always it is possible to pick up color precisely. For example, the pencil for restoration represents tuba with brush and automobile paint inside. Unlike anti-scratch, this paint gets deep into scratches and protects it from corrosion and moisture, it is rather fast to exposure. So, prepare the damaged surface for painting. For this purpose carefully clean and degrease the place of scratch. Degreaser usually is on sale complete with pencil. It is also possible to use solvent and so forth. It is worth processing surface anticorrosive primer. Then shake up tuba with paint, shake it several minutes that paint has mixed up to uniform color.

5. Using toothpick, apply with thin layer paint on scratch. Repeat drawing until paint level in scratch is not equal to the level of all covering of body. Put layer of automobile varnish. Polish the painted surface in week when paint and varnish enough dry.

6. One more way consists in consecutive drawing autoputty (for closing up of the scratch), soil (for alignment of surface), the paint which is picked up for color. After drying the damaged surface is polished with abrasive polish, for example, then plain autopolish. If paint is picked up a little not in tone, abrasive polish it is necessary to process all part of body where there passes the scratch. Colors will mix up, and the restored fragment will be less noticeable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team