How to close up hole in gypsum cardboard

How to close up hole in gypsum cardboard

At repair of sanitary knot or electrical wiring the small opening which needs to be closed up then is cut out. Besides the hole in gypsum cardboard can appear from behind leakage of water or the fire.

It is required to you

  • - knife;
  • - hacksaw for gypsum cardboard;
  • - putty;
  • - cardboard;
  • - plywood;
  • - screws;
  • - the reinforcing tape.


1. Before closing up hole in gypsum cardboard, remove the cause from behind which on it the damaged sites have appeared. If he has got wet, then wait for full drying.

2. Remove with knife or hacksaw for gypsum cardboard all leaky adjacent or hanging-down parts of plate. If it is necessary turn off self-tapping screws near the damaged site. At the opening size no more than 5-10 cm put putty layer in several layers.

3. The patch from gypsum cardboard is necessary for opening of the bigger size. Tape measure measure the extreme sizes of hole. Cut the damaged part, giving to opening the triangular or rectangular form.

4. On piece of unnecessary gypsum cardboard make patch of the necessary form which perimeter is 5 cm more. Knife cut off back part of cardboard of patch. Remove it and all plaster. On face side of plate leave only cardboard.

5. On the damaged gypsum cardboard make cut knife around triangle or rectangle. From front part remove only cardboard.

6. By means of the palette apply thin layer of plaster blend on edges of the damaged gypsum cardboard and patch. Apply patch to hole and slightly pressure her. It has to be flush with the damaged place. After drying put still layer of plaster blend.

7. To close up big opening in the gipsokratena, cut out squared cliche from cardboard. Its size has to be a little more than the area of damage. Having put cliche to opening, circle its contour with pencil.

8. Saw or knife cut opening in gypsum cardboard in the area of cliche contour.

9. Make of plywood of strip from 3 cm to 7 cm wide, at 10 cm long there is more than the size of opening.

10. Impose strips on opening and attach from reverse side of gypsum cardboard screws.

11. Make patch of unnecessary gypsum cardboard by the cliche size. Attach it screws to plywood strips. The patch has to be flush with the repaired surface.

12. Around opening impose thin layer of putty. Lay the reinforcing tape on patch joint, pressing into putty.

13. Apply thin film of putty. After drying wipe with damp sponge or smooth out surface abrasive paper.

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