How to close up leak in the battery

How to close up leak in the battery

Sometimes people push together with leak problem in the battery. It can arise during any season. In the summer this problem is almost harmless. There can only be small rusty drips. In the winter the small leak is capable to lead to flood.

1. In the matter everything depends on the place of leakage and also on the size of opening which was formed in metal as a result of corrosion. Usually leaks appear on position of joints of sections of the battery. If in your battery the small break has appeared, then you can eliminate it by means of normal collar. It is possible to get it in the market. The collar represents metal design which has two rubberized from within plate. They unite among themselves two bolts. Final fixing is made by means of nuts. They need to be tightened to the necessary density. Basic element by means of which the leak is blocked is the rubber gasket. Collars happen different diameter. Therefore to pick up necessary you will be able without problems.

2. If you near at hand have no such collar, then use normal piece of thin rubber. You can even cut out it from the old bicycle camera or elastic medical plait. Wind the place of leak with rubber in several layers. Fixing is carried out by means of normal wire. Fix it over rubber.

3. "cold welding for radiators" well is suitable for closing up of small openings in radiator. It represents small strips which very much remind children's plasticine. Cut off necessary piece and well knead it to hands. As a result the uniform consistence which has uniform color has to turn out. The pressing movements attach welding to the place of leakage.

4. Consider, all these measures are temporary. No banner is capable to replace welding. In certain cases it is simple not to do without them. If the radiator has many big leaks, then you should change it. It is recommended to carry out these works as summer. During this period the system is not filled with water.

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