How to close up scratch on door

How to close up scratch on door

Many people for registration of interior give preference in the apartment to timber doors. However quite often it happens so that on surface of the newcomer which is just established to door scratches develop, especially if in the house there are small children or animals. Will get rid of this trouble and will help to return doors former look several means which are specially intended for this purpose.

It is required to you

  • - soft furniture wax;
  • - solid furniture wax;
  • - knife;
  • - clean felt rag;
  • - special furniture stroke.


1. To close up unpleasant scratches on wooden surfaces, it is possible to apply soft furniture wax. By means of edging knife or the palette rub small amount of wax on the damaged site of door. After that accurate movements cut off residues of wax, using piece of plastic which prevents emergence of new damages on door surface. Polish the site leveled by wax with clean felt rag.

2. Solid wax is applied to elimination of small damages on the laminated and wooden surfaces which are intended generally for average and heavy loads. Solid furniture wax promotes ensuring water resistance of the site which is under repair. Unlike soft wax, firm more resistant to different mechanical influences. Such wax is much more expensive soft as it has no wide color range and is not so spread.

3. Kindle solid wax by means of the lighter or the soldering iron and very carefully apply it on the scratched surface. After that try to cool quickly wax, in this case good coupling with surface is reached. Remove excess wax and grind the damaged place felt rag.

4. One more effective remedy for closing up of scratches on timber doors is the special furniture stroke. This means rather rare and quite expensive, its color gamma is limited. The stroke is used mainly for removal of small scratches on the laminated and wooden surfaces. Before repair surely shake up means and consistently apply it on the site (1-3 layers). Wait until the applied solution dries then remove the rest by means of damp rag. Upon termination of work densely close bottle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team