How to close up scratches on furniture

How to close up scratches on furniture

Often there are problems concerning operation of furniture – chips and scratches which can be formed at apartment renovation and moving. Exterior of furniture loses the original form at once and begins to look old. But it is almost impossible to prevent such consequences, and to here close up scratches quite.

It is required to you

  • - Soft wax just for decoration,
  • - rigid wax just for decoration,
  • - furniture stroke,
  • - felt rag,
  • - soldering iron or lighter,
  • - iodine.


1. To eliminate scratches on furniture from MDF or chipboard it is possible to use furniture soft wax. It is intended for seal of scratches, cracks, chips and dents on the laminated and wooden surfaces. And also for providing the damaged site of moisture resistance. It can be bought in specialized shops, having picked up the necessary color gamma under furniture. Apply wax with rubbing in method on the damaged surface, but it if scratch small. If you formed chip on furniture, take knife or other rigid subject, cut off small piece and rub in chip. Remove surplus with piece of plastic, and after that polish place of failure with clean felt rag.

2. Except soft furniture wax use also firm. All difference is that it is most resistant to mechanical influence, and it is necessary to put it in the melted look. It is a little more difficult to get solid wax, than soft, the color gamma is less extensive and it is much more expensive. Melt solid wax by means of the normal lighter or the soldering iron and apply much on the damaged place. Cool it within three seconds and remove surplus of wax. If necessary polish the repair place.

3. Presently it is possible to buy special means for seal of scratches on furniture, so-called stroke furniture. It is used more often by the organizations which trade in furniture for elimination of scratches and chips at assembly and transportation of furniture. Shake up furniture stroke before application and cause structure in 1-3 layers depending on damage of furniture. Leave to dry for 5-10 minutes and remove surplus with damp rag.

4. Iodine can be used not only in the medical purposes, but also to hide scratches on furniture. For this purpose moisten Q-tip in iodine and you apply on the place of scratch layer by layer until color of scratch is not equal to furniture color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team