How to close up slopes on doors

How to close up slopes on doors

Replacement to both internal, and external door involves also replacement of box. When dismantling old box, slopes of doors which need to be closed up as they spoil exterior of the room in general often suffer and also have property to collapse quicker, than the whole slopes. It is possible to close up door slopes independently.

It is required to you

  • - knife (it is possible office);
  • - primer;
  • - brush for primer;
  • - metal corner;
  • - putty or sand cement slurry;
  • - palette.


1. Cut off from the door slope demanding seal by means of knife surplus of polyurethane foam, the ambassador of installation of doors who for certain has remained. Remove with rags from door slope dirt, dust, small litter, lime or old paint as their parts will prevent good coupling of solution and basic surface of slope of door.

2. Carefully process primer of deep penetration the slope demanding repair. This simple action will allow to make coupling between the main surface and solution of putty stronger, reliable and durable.

3. Use the palette and solution to zashpatlevat slope and to give it the equal form. If you consider expedient that is if this slope strongly acts or increased load because of location is placed on it, then there will be useful assembling in it special metal corner. It many times will strengthen design of slope and will help to make it the most equal.

4. After the putty thoroughly dries out, once again process all surface primer.

5. After that the door slope can be whitewashed or painted, either to paste over with wall-paper, or to finish in a different way, depending on where there is your door and as the interior in this room is executed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team