How to code the intercom

How to code the intercom

Intercoms have become widespread very much today. Practically each access door is equipped with this device limiting access for strangers. The code of the lock is recommended to change each 3-6 months to support the high level of protection.

It is required to you

  • - screw-driver,
  • - perekodirovochny key.


1. Open door and remove the back panel of the locking device. At the same time it is not necessary to take out all lock from door. To reach quoted plates, turn off four bolts fixing back cover of the lock.

2. Attentively examine quoted plates which act from lock housing a little. Each platinum has cut. Cuts on buttons which enter code combination are directed in the device body. Cuts on other plates are directed outside.

3. Take plates which enter the current combination of the code and invert them. Establish plates so that cuts have been directed outside.

4. Choose the desirable code. Take plates which correspond to it.

5. Invert plates so that cuts looked in the device.

6. Insert the inverted plates into the lock.

7. By means of screws fix protective cover.

8. Depending on model it can be necessary for change of the code to replace the whole block.

9. Also there are locks which provide code conversion, but demand availability of special perekodirovochny key. It needs to be inserted into opening which is at lock face, then to turn counterclockwise. Then the key should be removed from the lock and to insert "new". When you hear click, the lock will be recoded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team