How to collect and keep harvest

How to collect and keep harvest

There has come the fall, the quantity of rains has increased, in some regions of our country has considerably become cold, and on some sites of gardeners the crop is still not reaped. All know that from fall of temperature and the increased humidity garden cultures begin to spoil, decay. There are several councils what to do with harvest to avoid losses.


Tomatoes need to be removed from bed until night time temperature has fallen lower than +5 degrees. From cold they begin to spoil and can vanish even on bushes. It is possible to reap crop and to allow to ripen to it at home in the dry warm place.

Onions, pepper, eggplants

If the beginning sharply to become cold, and the harvest has not reached ripeness yet, it is possible to cover it with dense material, to warm to give time to vegetables to keep up.

Carrots, beet

The ripeness of these vegetables depends on time of crops and grade. If carrots late, then it it is necessary to hill that its greens were touched by frost. The daikon seeded in the middle of the summer perfectly can endure the first frosts.


It is useful for all species of cabbage to be in cool. The white cabbage perfectly costs on bed, increasing the head of cabbage. It is necessary to watch that it has not cracked, and in time to cut off it. It is possible to feed up for more juicy heads of cabbage cabbage fertilizer. It is necessary to check attentively cabbage for availability of diseases, for example, dot necrosis - black specks on leaves. In such cases it is required to process it potassium sulfate solution.


Fluctuation of average daily temperature leads to emergence of mealy dew on parsley leaves. In food such greens cannot be used. All leaves are removed and burned, parsley is thinned out, she needs to be fed up phosphorus-potassium additives.


Sometimes, that at excavation of garlic notice that its heads kind of baked. In it the bacteriosis is guilty. It arises in case garlic grew at high temperature or has been small seeded. If at teeth there is dredging, garlic cannot be used in food. If garlic has just changed color, it is necessary to process it as it is not subject to storage!

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