How to collect barrel

How to collect barrel

Tubs and barrels and find today broad application in economy. House pickles, kvass or honey which are stored in barrels I develop unique taste. However the cooper - profession rather rare. How to collect barrel by the hands?

It is required to you

  • - axe;
  • - wood;
  • - scrub plane;
  • - plane;
  • - jointer plane;
  • - steel band;
  • - hammer;
  • - drill;
  • - wire;
  • - brackets.


1. Pick up wood. It is necessary to know that the choice of wood depends on for what purposes you are going to use barrel. For example, the pine and oak are not suitable for storage of honey at all. Honey from pine barrel will smell of pitch, and in oak - will darken. For such barrels it is recommended to use aspen, linden, alder, poplar or plane trees. For fermentation, saltings and the mocheniya best of all will approach oak. For other purposes it is possible to use cedar, fir-tree, beech, larch, fir or birch.

2. It is necessary to know that for revetings it is recommended to use the lower part of trunk of old trees. However in the absence of such opportunity also thin trunks will approach.

3. It is necessary to make revetings of live wood. Take suitable chock. Its length has to be 6-7 cm more, than the required length of ready reveting. Accurately split it in half by means of the axe. Split the turned-out chock halves once again in half. Act by analogy - the number of splits depends on the initial thickness of chock. As a result you have to receive preparations 7-12 cm wide and 3 cm thick.

4. Carefully dry revetings. For acceleration of process it is possible to use the dryer.

5. Make template for check of radius of curvature of surfaces. It can be made of thin board, verifying with any ready barrel.

6. Choose type of reveting. It is necessary to know that reveting can be barrel or bobbin. At bobbin - one end already another. At barrel - expansion in the middle. As a rule, the ratio between the narrowest and widest part makes 1:1.8.

7. Carefully process revetings by means of plane and the scrub plane. In the beginning it is necessary to plane outer surface, and then side. In the course of work it is necessary to check curvature of revetings, being verified with the template made earlier. Process reveting sidewalls the jointer plane. Carefully process internal part of reveting by means of plane.

8. Make hoops of steel band. For this purpose it is necessary to measure barrel in the place of tension of hoop. Cut off tape of the necessary length and bend it in ring, striking it with the hammer. Drill openings and establish rivets from steel wire.

9. It is necessary to collect barrel on plain surface. Take two revetings and fix them on hoop by means of special brackets against each other. Fill the turned-out intervals, gradually establishing reveting behind reveting.

10. Besiege hoop, having knocked on it with the hammer and make sure that revetings densely adjoin to each other. Put on average hoop and besiege it by means of naboynik.

11. Deliver to flank on plain surface and plan the line of sawn-off shotgun. Dress chime hoop, cut off skeleton and process shear line by means of plane. Do the similar procedure since other end of keg.

12. Make chime groove into which the barrel bottom will be inserted. Width and depth of groove have to be 3 mm.

13. Calculate bottom radius. Collect ground board, having fastened it with nails. Cut off facets from edges, using the scrub plane.

14. Enclose bottom in barrel. For this purpose it is necessary to establish at first in groove one edge of bottom, and then to enter the rest, slightly striking it with the hammer. Make sure from tightness of barrel.

15. Make the second bottom by analogy. Drill in it filling hole. Make stopper. Height of stopper has to correspond to barrel bottom thickness.

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