How to collect bed

How to collect bed

After the intense working day, the dream of each person is in that it had opportunity to enjoy good deserved rest. Of course, the human body fills up the vital forces, relaxes and distracts from reality only during good deep sleep. The offered options of beds from natural natural materials are on sale at very inflated prices.

Whether to collect bed independently what skills need to be had is possible and what is necessary for its assembly? We decide on the main requirements to new bed, it has to be:

  • Strong,
  • Steady,
  • Convenient,
  • Beautiful,
  • The bed has to be made of the materials which are not doing harm to health.

To collect bed it will be necessary for you:

  • Four wooden bars, approximate optimum size 40 are at 40 on 40;
  • Two boards: 2.5 meters long, 5 centimeters thick and 0.4 meters wide.
  • Two boards with similar parameters, only 2 meters long.
  • Nuts not less than two centimeters high and bolts to them.
  • Abrasive paper (nazhdachka), polish.
  • Metal corners.
  • Birch boards for rails.
  • Veneer sheet.

Before starting assembly, the prepared boards and bars should be zashkurit, polished and painted with paint. Assembly of bed:

  • At first make support.
  • Take the prepared bars. Drill from above in each of them openings not less than two centimeters in depth so that these openings have been located in parallel rather each other. By means of mall hammer nuts into these openings.
  • Take boards, spread out them on floor without lying, and having put before itself kind of "on edge" so that the rectangle has as a result turned out. Record the turned-out result by means of metal corners. Make in them the same openings, as well as in bars and attach to bars by means of nuts. The framework of bed is executed!
  • From birch boards cut stick of identical width which will be grid of future bed. Calculate distance between strips, depending on the planned load of product.
  • Make weather-cloth of veneer sheet.
  • Choose mattress and enjoy!

On the given example, on assembly of double bed, it is possible to collect bed of the smaller size. As a result it has turned out qualitative, inexpensive (in comparison with the store prices), and the most important, the smart, strong and comfortable bed made with own hands.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team