How to collect bunk bed

How to collect bunk bed

Important element of the children's room – bed. The bunk bed which very much is pleasant to children will allow to save space. It can be supplied with boxes for bed linen or toys, or to add design with the hill by means of which children will be able to go down from the top tier.

  • - Plywood boards;
  • - boards;
  • - wooden bars;
  • - glue for tree;
  • - drill;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - bolts;
  • - hacksaw.

1. To collect bunk bed, it is necessary to prepare two single mattresses with wooden boxes under them, basic walls, sides for protection against loss of the child, ladder and sidewalls for concealment of mattresses.

2. For basic walls take boards of plywood and fill in them with the nitrolacquer. It is also possible to use wide boards or wood chipboards. With height of basic wall of one and a half meter its thickness has to be not less than 2 cm. Choosing width, be guided by the sizes of boxes under mattresses. Note on basic walls of the place of fastening of mattresses and drill openings. Fasten boxes or wooden frames with mattresses or standard grids from cribs to support bolts with the chromeplated heads. If you have preferred to make basic walls of two boards, then it is better to execute fastening, twisting two bolts in each board.

3. If mattresses have no box or wooden frame, between side basic parts it is necessary to make furring. Self-tapping screws fasten wooden bars to walls, and lay boards on them. After production of furring fix by connecting pins sidewalls which will hide mattresses. If you have decided not to hide mattresses, can attach tiles guards from tree.

4. If at bed continuous backs, then it is reasonable to establish removable ladder. For its assembly attach board to mattress box, having connected it steps sticks to wall guard. For bed which basic walls are executed from two boards it is the best of all to arrange ladder between these boards. Drill in them slots of 4 cm in depth at distance of 10 cm one from another. Fill nests with glue and fix in them sticks with a diameter of 18 mm, connecting back boards.

5. To make drawers, having made measurements of space under the bed, make the corresponding preparations of plywood. Pull together them with self-tapping screws and attach wheels on corners of each of boxes.

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