How to collect cabinet furniture

How to collect cabinet furniture

The companies which are engaged in production and sale of furniture, about 10% of the cost of the order pay the fitter for assembly. Having refused assembly, you will save means, and the ability to independently collect furniture can be useful in many life situations.

It is required to you

  • The screw driver with the magnetic holder and bat (nozzle for magnetic holding of screw during operating time) or drill, tape measure, level, stationery knife, pencil.


1. Sort the unpacked parts so that it was easy and convenient to take what is necessary for assembly of specific piece of furniture. For example, at assembly of cabinet, parts of the body, the shelf, boxes, facades, accessories are separately allocated.

2. Begin with assembly of the body, using the principle ""from big to small"". For protection of furniture and floor lay floor cardboard from packing. Connect on floor sidewall and bottom (or top) cabinet. For this purpose put kromleny parts of parts on floor, nekromleny up. Depending on fixture connect them. As a result the steady corner consisting of two parts of cabinet turns out.

3. Take the second sidewall. Attach it similar to the first. If the cabinet is separated vertically or horizontally into sections, then afterwards it is necessary to attach internal rack. Then attach the remained top (bottom) of cabinet.

4. Measure diagonals at the received box. Achieve that their sizes coincided. On side parts make the preliminary marks corresponding to location of vertical and horizontal sections. Cover box with back wall (fibreboard, plywood) so that its face side has appeared in cabinet. Beat it on cabinet perimeter. Connect tags of sections or racks the pencil line, beat back wall on these lines.

5. Fasten legs if they are provided by design or beat the plastic naboynik protecting lower face from moisture. If cabinet hinged, fasten wall fixture.

6. Put or hang up cabinet to the place of its constant arrangement. Insert shelf-holders into the corresponding openings, modeling distance between regiments. Insert regiments. If the design provides combined boxes, then they are collected in the same sequence, as cabinet. Then under it equip box and walls of cabinet with guides. If lobovik regiments it is equipped with the handle, fasten it. Close front part of box loboviky, having fastened it from within.

7. Put on door floor, openings under loops upward. Insert into openings of loop and fix them. Begin to fasten doors to cabinet from the top loop. Having put on doors cabinet, fasten to them handles. Adjust the provision of doors in relation to cabinet adjustment screw on loop (it is located closer to you).

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