How to collect chair

How to collect chair

What for the house without chairs? Chairs are necessary everywhere - in the apartment and nadacha, at office and owner-occupied dwelling. Each owner chooses such chairs which correspond to design and taste of the owner of interior. But as it is pleasant to have at itself the chairs made with own hands. Try to make chair independently.

It is required to you

  • Lerevyanny bar, plywood, foam rubber or polyfoam, upholstery fabric, furniture varnish, saw, nails, screws, hammer, furniture stapler.


1. For a start make the drawing of future chair, carefully measure all prepared materials. Only after that it is possible to get to work. The first stage - creation of preparations. Arm with saw and saw piece of bar on four parts. These preparations will become chair legs. Front legs have to be shorter than back. It is the best of all to make front legs of chair 43-45 cm long, back - 78-80 cm. Front and back legs let will have identical width - about 5 cm. After legs are ready, it is necessary to cut two side partitions. Their optimum width - 6 cm, length - 40 cm. Then cut 4 more crossbeams 5 cm wide and 35 cm long. It fastenings for back and seat of future chair.

2. Now it is possible to begin to fasten all parts. First of all it is necessary to beat two crossbeams to back legs that then to attach back to chair. Then it is necessary to connect one front leg to side partition. After that it is necessary to attach two crossbeams to the turned-out preparation of chair. To them, in turn, the seat will fasten. The front crossbeam has to be beaten slightly far away, than there is joint of leg and crossbeam. Then it is possible to attach to chair the second leg with the second crossbeam. Then it is necessary to beat them to all available preparation consisting of leg, crossbeam and two partitions. After that it is necessary to gather back and front parts of your chair and to varnish it for appearance.

3. Now it is necessary to take care of equipping chair with convenient seat and back. Cut out basis for them from plywood according to the drawing. The optimum sizes - 45х45 cm for seat and 20х45 cm for back. Then take foam rubber or polyfoam, cut off it to the necessary size and envelop beautiful upholstery fabric, tapestry, imitation leather, etc. From below fix by means of buttons or the furniture stapler, then attach to the basis from plywood. Now it is possible to fix seat and back to chair framework by means of screws. It is necessary to fix seat and back on crossbeams from the lower and back parts of your chair. For each crossbeam it is necessary to take 6 screws.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team