How to collect children's stool

How to collect children's stool

The wooden stool can become excellent alternative of plastic furniture which is used most often for children. Of course, it is possible to buy wooden stool in shop but, as a rule, chairs of manufacturing are made of plywood and their quality is not always satisfactory. It is not difficult to make beautiful children's stool with own hands at all. And if your kid has already enough grown up to help you - joint business will bring a lot of joy and will become for it one more occasion to be proud of himself and, of course, of dad!

It is required to you

  • wooden bar of various section (50x50, 25x25, 25х50 mm), eaves board with the section of 25 mm, plane, bench screw, the electric fret saw, drill, abrasive paper, the screw-driver, screws self-tapping screws, chisel, chisel, mall, PVA glue


1. Dry all materials.

2. Make two laying on "sponges" of bench screw. It is necessary in order that on preparations there was no dent left and dirt. Laying can be made of thin aluminum sheet or plywood. In order that they did not fall down from sponges, give them the form of the letter.

3. Saw off two preparations 520 mm long, and two - on 270 mm. It will be stool legs.

4. Clamp preparation in vice and, by means of plane, plane from all four parties. As a result, at you preparation of 40х40 mm in size has to turn out. Process thus all four preparations.

5. Make marking on legs. On lines of marking saw off surplus of bar the electric fret saw.

6. Saw off preparations for crossbeams and back. Length of preparations for crossbeam there have to be 170 mm, for back - 160 mm. It is necessary to cut with allowance for 50 mm, it will be required at further processing.

7. Process preparations by plane. As a result, the size of crossbeams has to turn out 10x15, 20x20 and 20х45 mm, respectively.

8. Take two boards with size of 150х25х250 mm. Carefully process them plane from four parties. Pay attention that at joint of boards there should not be gap.

9. Round off sharp angles of boards.

10. Carefully grind all parts abrasive paper. Pay special attention to faces of legs.

11. Drill drill dead holes in stool legs. Then, by means of chisel and chisel, remove surplus of tree from grooves.

12. Cut the thorns corresponding to grooves on legs on crossbeams.

13. Make on thorns of crossbeams of pro-saw, 5-7 mm wide.

14. Prepare wedges. Wedges have to be 5 mm shorter and 0.5 mm wider than the groove sizes.

15. Insert wedge in has spent on drink thorn, miss the mark with PVA glue thorn and groove and, by means of mall, collect knot.

16. Collect completely stool framework.

17. Attach sitting by means of self-tapping screws and bars (size of bar of 15х15 mm).

18. Attentively examine stool and make sure that there are no splinters anywhere and heads of self-tapping screws do not act.

19. Varnish stool or mordant. Or, together with the child, paint stool in all colors of the rainbow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team