How to collect clothes

How to collect clothes

Each woman has things which she does not carry. Over time the cabinet is overflowed with clothes, but often it turns out what absolutely could not be put on. To avoid similar situation, it is necessary to collect clothes - convenient, relevant and stylish at any time.


1. First of all, separate wardrobe into three main parts. In the first there have to be basic things, in the second – fashionable, in the third – various accessories.

2. Fill the main part with those articles of clothing which are pleasant to you and at all seasons of the year will be relevant. For example, it is always necessary to have top of universal black color, several t-shirts of neutral shades with short and long sleeves, white shirts and blouses, warm cardigan and black dress for celebrations. Pair of qualitative jeans, pencil skirt, trousers, trouser suit and good underwear also have to occupy the main part. Objects of basic clothes have to be combined well with each other and with novelties of fashionable trends.

3. Get those new things with which it is possible to add basic clothes. They have to be pleasant to you and be ideal.

4. Accessories also should be separated into basic and fashionable. It is necessary to carry bag of any neutral shade, scarf of universal color and qualitative jewelry to the first to your taste.

5. Choose footwear especially carefully. You have to have beautiful boots on heel, demi-season boots, light summer boots or autumn sneakers, shoes and elegant sandals. It is good if each type of footwear you have about two couples – on change. Otherwise they can serve only one season, and it is necessary to get new.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team