How to collect collector for heat-insulated floor

How to collect collector for heat-insulated floor

Assembly of the collector for heat-insulated floor and test of the pipeline have to be carried out to the device of final fair covering. When the tie is executed, solution will stiffen tightly. If defects of system are revealed after that, it is necessary to destroy expensive covering in emergency order.

For what the collector is necessary

The collector is one of the central hubs of heat-insulated floor. Pipes from the heating contours join it. Temperature of the heat carrier which moves in network of the boiler house is rather high. For this reason include mixing knot in chain of the collector. It provides heat carrier temperature within 40-45 degrees Celsius.

Function of the collector and the mixer – preparation of the heat carrier of the required temperature and its uniform giving in all warming contours.

After mounting of contours of heating of floor it is necessary to connect pipes to the collector. It is necessary to make it before filling of cement screed. Otherwise it is possible to pass defects of pipes and production defect which is capable to be shown in the course of mounting. Assembly of the collector for heat-insulated floor allows to make sure of tightness of system. It is necessary to consider that for reliable work of the collector of heat-insulated floor length of one contour of heating on has to exceed 60 m.

Collector's device

Structurally the collector includes two horizontal tubes. They are connected to the giving and return highways. For production of the collector the following materials are used:

  • stainless steel;
  • brass;

On the giving tube the branches supplied with operating mechanisms as which thermostatic valves serve are located. On the return highway put branches with channel sensors. In upper part of the thermostat the caps intended for manual adjustment are established. At their twisting the stream is blocked. On the return tube of the collector there are flowmeters. With their help it is possible to watch the number of the proceeding heat carrier visually. The second function of sensors – hydraulic balancing of system.

In addition on collector put the thermometer and the manometer – they are necessary for temperature monitoring and pressure in system. The user operates air descent by means of the special crane.

Also branches, stubs, cranes, brackets for fastening of the device to wall are included in the package of the collector. It is desirable to choose collector with full complete set which part also the pump with the valve is.

Operation principle of the collector

The heat carrier moves by all parts of contour of heating of floor. Consumption of water is regulated automatically by means of the capillary drive or in the manual mode by means of the valve. When water temperature in the pipeline goes down to critical value, the valve begins to mix hot water with delivery pipe, and water from the return highway is returned to the general network. The specific scheme of action of system can be different, but work of the collector is always subordinated to two main objectives: to provide the necessary temperature in the heating system of floor and to operate water flow in the giving highway.

How to collect collector

Assembly of the collector which is acquired in complete set is possible. The instruction facilitating connection of elements of the collector and mounting of all system is always included in the package of such delivery.

It is in certain cases permissible to change completeness of factory collector. For example, it is possible to buy more convenient distributor, to install one thermometer instead of two. Or to buy the device intended for installation in cabinet.

At assembly pay attention to the correct connection of tubes of the giving and return heat carrier with valves and flow rate sensors of water. They need to be aggregated if the collector is separated into sections on 2-3 branches. Then it is required to fix tubes on brackets that the distributor was uniform knot. After that stubs, the locking equipment and control devices are put.

Special attention should be paid on threaded connections in the system of water drain and connection of pipes. They are not recommended to be condensed with flax or the FUM-tape. It is the most reliable to use rubber sealants. In factory collector they are included in the delivery package.

At the next stage the collector fix to wall. And only after that it is possible to mount circulating pump and the valve. If to perform these works in advance, there can be difficulties with fastening of knot to vertical surface.

The pump needs to be mounted according to the scheme of connection. When the knot is built, to it attach head pipes from boiler, and to branches – pipes from contours.

If the distributing device is mounted not in the boiler house, and in corridor or other utility room, it is better to use decorative cabinet for the collector.

Mounting of self-made collector

Much more trouble will be brought by assembly of self-made collector. Most often for such distributor separately buy the pump, the mixing valve and the locking equipment. The carrying-out elements of the collector carry out from polypropylene pipes and fitting. It is the best of all to use pipes with a diameter of 25 or 32 mm. It is necessary to calculate number of valves and fitting; it will be defined by quantity of the heating contours. Main tools which are required for mounting of self-made collector:

  • tape measure;
  • scissors;
  • flat-nose pliers;
  • pipe wrench;
  • the soldering iron for polypropylene pipes.

At the first stage of work it is necessary to measure and cut off sites of pipes so that after connection the T-couplers have appeared as it is possible more closely to each other. Now it is necessary to weld transitions and cranes and also fitting for connection with the pump on T-couplers.

The most available at the price the distributor which is mounted from polypropylene fitting is considered. Its shortcoming can be considered the big sizes. Such device should be mounted on wall in the boiler house. Additional undesirable effect: on such distributor it is difficult to put flowmeters. Also the skill of work with polypropylene is required: operation of all heating system will depend on quality of welding of joints. It is necessary to weld to each other fitting very densely. Otherwise the collector will expand to very impressive sizes.

Metal fitting will help to reduce the collector's sizes. The main danger of similar option is concealed in cheap T-couplers with thin walls. Use of sound thick-walled T-couplers is capable to raise the price strongly of system, to make its cost comparable with the collector of factory production. The collector with application of brass fitting is recommended to be put in case the heating system of floor includes not less than ten contours. On the dimensions it will be much more impressive than purchased. However when mounting the similar device it is quite possible to save on quantity of parts.

At assembly of self-made collector it is necessary to direct all branches to one party. It will improve exterior of the distributing device. Before winding armature, it is recommended to remove from it caps and handles: so they will not cling to the next constructive parts.

The self-made collector for heat-insulated floor possesses badly removable shortcomings. First, it has no thermostatic valve on the giving highway, and on the return it has no channel sensors. The system should be regulated in the manual mode. It is possible to get, of course, separately all these elements and to build in them collector; however the cost of such device will be comparable with the ready collector, and reliability will be lower.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team