How to collect computer chair

How to collect computer chair

The computer chair is just necessary for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. From that, it is how comfortable to you to sit, depends, how long you will be able to work, as well as quality of the work. The uncomfortable position during operating time can negatively affect bearing, condition of backbone, hands, as well as the general state of health. For this reason purchase of computer chair is norm for family with any prosperity and availability of sufficient free space in the room.

1. As well as practically any piece of furniture, computer chair is on sale knock-down. That is home you bring box with parts and the detailed assembly instruction of chair. Such pieces of furniture, as a rule, gather independently, without call of experts as usually enclosed instruction happens quite enough even for those who have no experience in performance of works of a similar type.

2. Before assembly attentively check all parts, namely their quantity, quality. Be verified with what is stated in the specification. Check back, seat, pyatiluchya, all screws and elevators and also all other parts. It is better to collect knowing that all on the place and the corresponding quality.

3. Begin assembly from below. Take pyatiluchta, wheels and establish them everything in pyatiluchya to the emphasis. You will hear something similar to click.

4. Now it is necessary to install the gas elevator in pyatiluchya. For this purpose from above put on special cover the elevator so that the narrowest glass of your cover has appeared at the top of the elevator, and wide glass, respectively, at the basis of chair.

5. On the gas elevator there can be special stub which producers of computer chairs sometimes put on in order that gas elevators did not reveal spontaneously when transporting or at assembly of chair. Before installation in pyatiluchya of the gas elevator in the presence of this stub it needs to be removed.

6. You pass to armrests. Strong fasten them to seat special screws. If to fasten armrests insufficiently strongly, subsequently they will be loosened and can even break.

7. Further work with piastry seats. Establish in it permanent wave, previously having chosen the necessary distance between back and seat. Then record permanent wave by means of the long screw.

8. Install seat with armrest and back on the gas elevator. Check operation of the gas elevator at once. If to pull the lever on itself, the chair will fall.

9. It was necessary to connect permanent wave to back, your computer chair is ready to adjust the side inclination of chair which is the most suitable to you and.

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