How to collect computer table

How to collect computer table

The table on which this miracle of the modern equipment is established is of great importance for any user of the computer. The computer table has to be simple, convenient and functional. Having certain skills, tools and materials, it is possible to collect such table by the hands.


1. Choose table design. You should choose that which will reflect more your ideas of convenience from all variety of constructive decisions. Draw computer table on paper, this sketch will be required for creation of the exact drawing.

2. You should transfer the forms and the sizes put on the sketch to the exact drawing. When drawing parts consider all sizes, proportions, allowances, ergonomic requirements to future product. It is necessary to describe in detail quantity of the required parts, their sizes. It is desirable to give each part the name and to note it on the drawing.

3. Transfer outlines of parts from the drawing to material from which you will produce parts of design. It is the best of all to use the laminated wood-shaving plate. The cut of parts should be done by means of hacksaw with narrow edge. In order to avoid possible chips of plate apply self-adhesive film on the line of cut.

4. After parts of future table are cut, trim them with edging tape. Such tape needs to be pasted on the cut-off surfaces. It is necessary to pick up color of tape according to color of the main parts. Gluing of tape in house conditions is carried out by means of the warmed iron.

5. In in advance planned places of parts of table drill openings under fastening elements. For connection of parts among themselves use the special screws applied in the furniture industry.

6. After assembly of design together attach canopies under doors, handles of boxes of table, runners for sliding designs (boxes, shelf for the keyboard). The necessary accessories can be picked up without effort in the market of construction materials. Now carefully wipe the creation, having brought it into working look, and establish in the location of the computer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team