How to collect country first-aid kit

How to collect country first-aid kit

Some doctors for fun say that it is time to force to have at itself first-aid kit not only of motorists, but also summer residents. Far from civilization the people quite often need medicines, and the next health center usually far. However, before summer season and to thrifty gardeners it is worth reviewing contents of country first-aid kit: at something effective life, something superfluous, and much sometimes has expired and is not enough. Therapists advise surely to have approximately following set of the most necessary drugs (specific medicines depend on councils of your attending physician and the size of purse).

Spread out first-aid kit contents in the fridge and cabinet so that in it the stranger could orient quickly. Largely mark effective life on drugs and you watch it regularly. 

What needs to be taken to the dacha:

  • sterile bandage (different width) and cotton wool (several small packs), gauze napkins, dressing packages (in case of abundant bleedings), elastic bandage, set of plasters;
  • hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidin, miramistin (for disinfecting instead of alcohol);
  • iodine and brilliant green (only for processing of insignificant, but extensive grazes, not for cuts and wounds);
  • several pairs of thin sterile medical gloves (not to bring in wound dirt when processing);
  • rubber plait;
  • the cooling packages;
  • the warming and anti-inflammatory ointments;
  • adsorbents;
  • antidiarrheal means;
  • laxatives;
  • regidron;
  • anesthetics (if there are children – special forms for them);
  • spasmolysants;
  • antiviral;
  • vasoconstrictive drops;
  • expectorant;
  • antihistaminic;
  • antiburn ointments and sprays;
  • febrifugal (and special forms for children);
  • thermometer, tonometer, enema, hot-water bottle, sharp scissors and tweezers.

At belly-aches it is better not to accept anesthetic not to grease symptoms, and at once to see doctor. At burns it is impossible to use oil, at faint - ammonia solution, at heart attack - validol and Corvalol. Do not reduce temperature to 38.5 °C. Accept antibiotics only on doctor's orders. It is the best of all to overestimate trauma force, for example, to consider bruise fracture and it is obligatory to see doctor, having appeared in the city.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team