How to collect cranberry

How to collect cranberry

The person picked wild-growing berries in immemorial times that played very important role in his life. In diet of modern people of berry take more modest place, but nevertheless continue to be popular. One of popular types of berries is the cranberry which has deserved to itself respect thanks to the high content of vitamins and other biologically active agents. Collecting cranberry has the features.

1. If you never happened to face cranberry in the nature, remember as it looks. The cranberry represents evergreen polegayushchy low shrub. Blossoming of cranberry falls on May-June. Flowers, as a rule, dark pink, are collected on 1-4 on tips of branches of bush. Berry dark red, sometimes with bluish outflow, round, juicy, sweet-sour on taste.

2. Choose suitable time for collecting cranberry. Maturing of berry depends on the width at which it grows. For example, in the Leningrad Region, depending on the previous weather patterns, the cranberry ripens in September - the beginning of October. Collect cranberry usually till fall, practically to the frosts. However, in the culture of the northern people there is tradition to collect cranberry and after frosts, and even in the spring. Consider that the berry prepared earlier has property to blacken at storage.

3. Choose the place for collecting cranberry. The normal place of growth of this berry – the small swamps in abundance scattered, for example, in the different regions of Karelia or the Leningrad Region. Refuse temptation to collect cranberry near heavily trafficked roads though there it grows too. Vegetation contains the increased amount of lead and cadmium in such places that can affect quality of wild-growing berries and do harm to your health.

4. For collecting cranberry stock up with suitable capacity. It can be also plastic bucket, but it is the best of all to use special wicker baskets, for example, from birch bark. Stock up with also small vessel (mug, can, etc.). It will allow you to have opportunity to move freely in the place of gathering berries, without dragging for itself the bucket which has become heavy from collected cranberry.

5. When collecting cranberry you make thrifty use of plant, tear off berries only hands, without use of the mechanical means called "combines". Collecting cranberry such comb scoops damages young sprouts of plant and leads to decrease in productivity, up to death of plant.

6. Place the picked berries of cranberry for storage in capacity from natural materials, for example, in big birch bark box. In such container they well stand to the frosts as birch bark "breathes", without allowing berry to sour to hard frosts. After berry is chilled, it can be stored all winter, without losing flavoring and useful biological qualities.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team