How to collect door

How to collect door

Before beginning to establish door, it is necessary to examine goods on defects availability. Then, following instructions, to start assembly of door. It is very simple to collect door if to implement the main recommendations. Assembly of door consists of assembly of the most door box, its installation in door opening and zapenivaniye.

It is required to you

  • Door box with parts, aperture, drill, screws, polyurethane foam, knife, cardboard, wooden wedges.


1. Assembly of box. It is necessary to make assembly of box on horizontal surface. Two main racks and top of box ground under 45 degrees are combined in corner of 90 degrees. Letter P has to turn out. The drill, in places of joining of racks and upper part of box, carries out openings under self-tapping screws. So all box of door gathers.

2. Installation of box of door in door opening. Completely collected box is established in the prepared aperture. Further it is wedged by wooden wedges. By means of plumb, the vertical rack is established by loop. The rack of the lock is exposed on rabbet of the hung cloth. To receive necessary gap between cloth of door and box, the insert from cardboard is used. Thickness of insert is about 3 mm, width of 2 cm, length of 200 cm. Before hanging cloth, loops are exactly twisted in cloth and box of door. The provision of racks of box can be adjusted by means of the established wedges.

3. Zapenivaniye. After the door box exactly is also reliably established, it needs to be stuck with painting adhesive tape not to soil polyurethane foam. Before beginning to zapenivat aperture, it needs to be moistened with water for the best coupling. Zapenivaniye, is made by method of putting foam thin layer on all perimeter of aperture. One cylinder of foam is spent for one door. Full drying happens on the expiration of 24 hours. After foam has dried, it is cut off and established platband. The platband crashes by the necessary size.

4. Installation of dobor. Cutting of dobor is made by the aperture depth size, with deduction of 10 cm. To establish dobor on door box, quarter – 1 cm by 1 cm is chosen. In this quarter, by means of self-tapping screws the doborny board is established. The gathered box and dobor, are established in aperture and zapenivatsya.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team