How to collect flowers seeds

For ensuring enough seeds it is recommended: to collect seeds of all grown-up flower ornamental plants; to exchange the best seeds between colleagues flower growers; to collect the maximum quantity of seeds from the best plants which are grown up on flower beds.

In order to avoid losses the collecting seeds of plants is made in most cases at redtop, yellowing of their fruits.

Seed baskets of marigold are showered easily therefore it is recommended to move away them until they have reached full maturity that is as soon as seeds begin to get brown coloring. The most part of seeds ripens in the cut-off baskets and keeps good viability.

Seeds of violets (pansies) are easily showered from the ripened seed boxes. Considering duration of blossoming of these plants, seeds need to be collected selectively manually, in process of maturing, without allowing cracking of the turned white boxes.

At nasturtium carry out repeated collecting the turned white fruits which are easily showered at touch, it is possible to collect already fallen down fruits from the surface of the soil.

The sweet pea is considered suitable for cleaning when beans become light brown.

When collecting seeds of marigold, kosme cut off all plants or selectively separate branches which ripen in storage.

Favorable temperature for storage of seeds — 12-16 °; relative humidity — 55%.

On average seeds of flower plants keep viability 2-3 years. Each sack has to have two labels — internal and external where specify culture, year.

At first seeds collect in paper bags, then seeds pour into gauze sacks and hang out in well aired room; on each label it is written: name of plant, coloring of flowers, place and date of collecting.

After drying the seeds clean from peel, weigh, define the place of their storage for the winter period. The place has to be dry, temperature 3-4 °, there should not be danger of defeat of seeds by wreckers, diseases.

Collected seeds are written down in the log-book.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team