How to collect kitchen cabinet

How to collect kitchen cabinet

The cost of assembly of complete kitchen is equal to about 30% of the total cost of new kitchen. At the same time to collect kitchen cabinet in the presence of desire, the normal tool and some skills on work with this tool it is possible and independently. All cabinets gather by one principle, and knowledge of these principles will help you not only to save the sufficient sum of money, but also will give to confidence that assembly is made qualitatively.

It is required to you

  • - Screw driver;
  • - set of cross screw-drivers;
  • - level;
  • - set of screw-drivers with hexagonal head;
  • - drill.


1. First of all, spread out all spare parts to understand - whether all available. Select necessary accessories. Verify availability with the list which all large producers are obliged to put in packages of furniture fittings.

2. If regiments are provided in the collected cabinet, make sure that in sidewalls drilled holes for shelf-holders. Unfortunately, sometimes producers pass one or two openings. It is independently very simple to Dosverlit them, but only so far the cabinet is in disassembled state.

3. If you collect cabinet with drawers, establish and fix guides for boxes. Guides are always included in the package in couples: right and left. Make sure that they are complete and coincide with boxes. As a rule, producers do basting on which guides fasten on sidewalls.

4. Establishing guides, make sure that you have correctly defined where at sidewalls back and where frontal parts. In modern furniture, the back wall of cabinets, as a rule, does not fasten by means of tacks, method of installation of the sheet HDF in specially cut through grooves is more often used. The location of grooves will also specify to you where your cabinet will have back wall and where doors will fasten.

5. Collect sidewalls and the bottom. They fasten among themselves special furniture couplers. As a rule, for cabinets use eccentric furniture couplers. If for assembly of the body normal couplers are used, plastic stubs which close heads of couplers from outer side have to be included in the package.

6. Insert back wall into grooves.

7. Establish legs and put cabinet on that place where you are going it to establish. If behind cabinet there is socket or any elements of communications, make marking on back wall. Then take out it, cut opening of the necessary size and establish back wall back.

8. By means of couplers establish the fixing rail and back cross-piece. To them you will fix table-top. Check perpendicularity of sidewalls, bottom and cross-pieces.

9. Collect drawers if they are included in the cabinet package. The box gathers on the same technology, as the cabinet body. On each side attach internal parts of guides to box bottom. Establish box into place and make sure that all parts coincide, and the box easily moves.

10. Establish table-top. Check horizontal position level, and attach table-top to cross-pieces by means of self-tapping screws. If you collect set from several cabinets united by the general table-top begin assembly with extreme cabinet and establish table-top only after you collect all set.

11. Attach furniture loops to door. The producer is obliged to make the corresponding marking. Then install cups of furniture loops in round grooves on sidewall inside. Supporting door, self-tapping screws attach door to the body. Make sure that doors are hung exactly, between them and the body there are no gaps. If necessary adjust the provision of door, tightening up adjustment screw on loops.

12. Install door handles on facades. Install shelf-holders, regiments and drawers on the places.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team