How to collect mercury from the thermometer

How to collect mercury from the thermometer

If at home the thermometer has crashed, then it is necessary to limit access point to accident. Animals and children have to be removed to other rooms as mercury is moved on soles of slippers in other rooms.

As mercury is poisonous material, before its collecting it is necessary to put on rubber gloves. The place where there was accident, any of the following solutions need to process: the concentrated potassium permanganate solution, the concentrated solution of chloride lime, hot soap and soda solution (30 grams of soda + 40 grams of soap get divorced in hot water). These solutions promote mercury oxidation. And it, in turn, will make mercury not flying. The room needs to be aired. As soon as mercury is collected, it has to be transferred to experts for the subsequent utilization. For collecting mercury it is the best of all to use rubber pear or the syringe without needle. But also the wet newspaper or several sheets of paper will approach. Also, to collect mercury, it is possible to use any gluing surface (adhesive plasters). Everything, even the smallest, droplets of mercury have to be collected. The normal small lamp will help with it.

Evaporation of mercury is least of all carried out in cold water. Therefore it is the best of all to bring together her in bank with cold water. As soon as mercury is collected, bank has to be closed densely to prevent its volatilization. Storage of the can needs to be carried out in the cool place. But, of course, it is not necessary to store it in the fridge. In cool season of bank it can be stored on the balcony. As soon as it was succeeded to remove mercury, it is necessary to protect it from contact with warm temperatures. If it was not succeeded to collect mercury without preliminary contact with it, then surely it is necessary to ask for the help in policlinic. But also in house conditions it is possible to render itself and the relatives the qualified help. For this purpose it is necessary to clean organism:

  • In warm water 2 egg whites are stirred and drunk.
  • In 30 minutes the necessary amount of activated carbon is accepted (1 tablet on 10 kg).
  • In 30 minutes, laxative is accepted.
  • In 30 minutes it is necessary to drink glass of warm tea.

As mercury is removed through kidneys, the one who had with it contact has to consume as much as possible any liquid. It can be tea, water, juice, etc. It is forbidden to collect mercury by the vacuum cleaner, broom, to lower in the sewerage and to throw out in refuse chute.  

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