How to collect seeds of annual plants

How to collect seeds of annual plants

Through few days the summer will end. Nights become longer, dawn – are more and more cool. In air the coming freshness of fall is felt. Annual plants still blossom on the garden site, pleasing look with the beauty. But, alas, this beauty is short-lived – to the first frosts. Therefore that the next year again to enjoy species of these beautiful plants, it is necessary during the period since the end of August on the second half of September to collect their seeds. Of course, it is necessary to spend both time, and efforts, but business is worth it.

First of all before collecting seeds prepare small tanks. Remember that for each species of plant there has to be the place, otherwise sunflower seeds will mix up.

If you on the site have plants-annual plants which have fruits in the form of boxes and pods (for example, sweet pea, lupine, pansies), then their seeds it is better to collect during wet weather or early in the morning, so far plants still damp from dew. Otherwise their dry boxes and pods can burst even from easy pressing, and seeds will scatter on the site extensively.

However seeds of the majority of other flowers should be collected in dry weather. First of all, it concerns plants of family of Astrov as their sunflower seeds badly transfer moistening. Choose for collecting those plants at which seeds became firm, and baskets or pods, or boxes have dried, have changed color. If it was not lucky with weather (for example, have loaded long rains because of what seeds of plants can rot, or has sharply become cold, and there was real threat of frosts), then you should collect immature seeds and to bring them to the necessary state already in house conditions. This process is called "dozarivaniye". Collected immature seeds display thin layer in wooden or cardboard boxes and subject to drying at temperature from 22 to 25 wasps in the aired room. If it is necessary to dry completely ripened seeds, then it becomes at more high temperature – from 30 to 35 wasps. You store the dried-up seeds in the dry dark place. That to mix nothing, surely mark each box or box. Put labels with necessary information there: name of culture, summary, grade and time of collecting. Keep seeds in dry place, from time to time mix them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team