How to collect shower cabin

How to collect shower cabin

Shower cabin - dream of many inhabitants of small-sized apartments where simply there is catastrophically not enough place to place big full-fledged bathtub or jacuzzi in the tiny bathroom. Shower cabin rather practical acquisition. It occupies rather small space, is convenient in operation, has quite attractive appearance. And the shower cabin is simply necessary for giving! As it is pleasant to be refreshed after the hot day of work spent on beds in kitchen garden and just for the purpose of observance of rules of personal hygiene.

Of course, to collect shower cabin is best of all the qualified specialist in the field will be able. But if there is desire to try to make it independently, or for the purpose of monetary economy, it is necessary to study rules on collecting and installations of long-awaited acquisition. Installation of shower cabin in the apartment.

Before installation of the cabin it is necessary to think over sewerage system at first. Remove sewage pipe (50-ka) so that it began from shower cabin at distance of five centimeters from floor and smoothly under inclination, counting upon 1metr-1sm went down in the general sewer drain. Thus, it will be possible to avoid stagnation of water in pallet, and it will freely flow down in draining. Assembly of shower cabin:

  • Fasten metal frame to pallet, and then insert the screen and siphon.
  • By means of adjustable legs level pallet. For best accuracy it is possible to use construction level.
  • Hermetically attach siphon to sewage pipe. For absolute tightness it is possible to use special hermetic lubricant.
  • Collect glass elements and front profile of shower cabin.
  • Bring pallet with glass as far as it is possible more densely to wall and record it by means of the fixing material which is specially intended for these purposes.
  • To avoid leakages, slot between pallet and wall, pallet and glass and also between glass and wall it is necessary to fill with silicone sealant.

The simplest shower cabin is ready for operation. And here "shower cabin" for giving, so-called summer shower, in general it is possible to make literally in several minutes. For this purpose will be necessary only tank for water and framework for the cabin, and the pallet can be bought in advance, or for a while to put oshlifovanny wooden floor in the form of grid that water was freely drained on the earth. Of course, it not the "eternal" building, but for summer season will quite fit. After all, if there is no great desire to trouble themselves detailed studying instructions and necessary instructions on how to collect shower cabin, then it is possible to order already ready option assembled, both for the apartment, and for giving. Or to charge assembly of such difficult design to the professional. The choice for you! 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team