How to collect sliding wardrobe

How to collect sliding wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe – it not only is very stylish, but also it is very convenient. Just imagine, how many can enter it things! Cabinet furniture considerably loses to the fitted cupboards in it. In the last each millimeter of space from ceiling to floor is used, and at the same time they can be established where the normal cabinet just will not be located. But sliding wardrobes very expensive pleasure. How to collect such furniture by the hands?


1. For a start explore the place where your cabinet will be put. If the wall, floor or ceiling have any features, for example, in this place there passes the water supply system pipe, or there is niche. Then you need to draw as your cabinet will look. Apply all sizes on the scheme: height, width, cabinet depth. Do not forget that to desirable internal space it is necessary to add 10 cm as sliding wardrobe doors "will eat" this space. Sketch all regiments which you want to establish in cabinet, note also their sizes too. It is the best of all to plan internal space of cabinet as follows: top long regiment mezzanine, outerwear compartment, shelves for underwear on all family members, from below – the shelf for footwear. So, the drawing in which you have drawn schemes of all parts of cabinet is ready, it was necessary only to buy material, to mark it, to saw or cut, buy accessories and to collect.

2. But before you will go to shop, make the assembly instruction. In it step by step write process of assembly of all parts, all necessary accessories which is required also tools. It will be a pity when at assembly it becomes clear that it is necessary to sort everything and to collect anew.

3. The next stage – purchase of materials, tools and accessories. In principle, for assembly of sliding wardrobe special purpose tools are not necessary if you have standard set (the hammer, screw-drivers with different shape of sting), then you will have enough it quite. From accessories metal corners, dowel, self-tapping screws, rollers and guides will be necessary for you for compartment doors. The most plain material for cabinet is the laminated chipboard. It is possible to saw boards and in the most construction supermarket if it provides such service. And dirt will be less at your place and tools professional will not be necessary for you.

4. Now the most important is assembly of cabinet. Put board which will be the basis of your cabinet on floor. Attach side boards by means of dowels and corners to it – on three on each party. In the same way attach them to wall, observing horizontal position and vertical position of fastenings. If 1 office for hangers is provided in your cabinet, then following it is fixed vertical board which will separate cabinet space. It is better to do regiments fixed that they constantly did not fall. If we build in cabinet, let in it everything will be fixed. We fix shelves on the same corners and self-tapping screws.

5. The most difficult is to establish doors on guides. At first fasten guides from below on self-tapping screws. Do it strictly on level, otherwise doors will begin to move down on inclined plane. It is impossible to cope with insert of doors to one so surely call assistants. It is necessary to insert both doors together, having put on them the top guides. Surely get to the lower guides. When doors are inserted, in turn remove doors and fasten the top guide on self-tapping screws.

6. As you can see, to collect sliding wardrobe independently difficult, but it is quite real.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team