How to collect sofa

How to collect sofa

Without cozy and soft sofa it is difficult to imagine the house to which you come to relax and have a rest. Presently furniture stores offer the wide range of various sofas from all materials and corresponding to any style of interior – from classics to modernist style. But if you have no opportunity to buy sofa in furniture salon, you can quite make simple model of sofa own hands. In this article you learn how to collect sofa from available and inexpensive materials.


1. Take for framework of sofa of board of 8х10х2 cm in size. If the size of your room assumes smaller or larger size of sofa – modify according to sizes boards.

2. Prepare side parts, grooves for their connection, self-tapping screws for twisting of parts, longitudinal and side side bars, rail and boards which will be located under mattress.

3. Measure, line and cut all parts from the necessary material by means of hacksaw or the electrofret saw. Walk on parts the grinder and polish manually abrasive paper all edges and joints.

4. Make notches in the right places and saw through small grooves for side side bars. By means of joiner's glue strengthen side bars in grooves from within, and outside twirl in them self-tapping screws.

5. Having collected side parts of sofa, attach to them two longitudinal side bars which are located in back part of sofa, and in front part arrange front side bar. Connect parts self-tapping screws from within, doing fastenings imperceptible from outer side of legs, having front, back and side side bars at one level.

6. Behind fasten self-tapping screws rail of 2х2 cm and on it place additional boards at small distance from each other. Record them self-tapping screws.

7. After the framework is completely built, separately make the soft quilted pillows for sofa. Choose suitable fabric for upholstery and find on it parts of square covers. Separately from the same fabric sew pillowcases for small pillows. As basis use thick furniture foam rubber.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team