How to collect sofa accordion

How to collect sofa accordion

Russia the most popular types of sofa is folding. The most demanded - the so-called sofa accordion, has the easy mechanism of unfolding. As a rule, in shops upon purchase of sofa this mechanism based on the same principle as the movement of the real accordion, demonstrate, but having sorted his houses, not all know how then to collect.


1. Sofas accordions are very simple in use: even the preschool child can quickly and without efforts to decompose him. Such sofas develop three times: two parts are in back, being displayed in one at transformation. The mechanism operates by the principle of accordion or accordion that has given this name to sofa. Such furniture is ideal for small apartments as it in the put state takes not enough place, has special boxes for linen and in the spread-out state is very convenient. The strong metal framework is easy in use and reliable, and the mechanism of sofa can use very long.

2. To spread out sofa, slightly lift seat for loop made of cloth, the special handle or ledge (different models have various devices for unfolding). When you hear small click, put forward on yourself. At the same time the double back of sofa will decay, having formed uniform surface with seat. To spread out sofa, it is not necessary to remove it from wall. Some models of "accordions" have special mechanisms closers thanks to which the sofa itself leaves forward.

3. To collect the spread-out sofa, raise edge of sofa by means of the same lever (loop, the handle, ledge) before characteristic click at which the hinged design begins to work. Then lower seat a little and begin to move it forward. At the same time the back of sofa begins to develop, and you need to move seat closer and closer to wall. Some models also just gather automatically after you have pulled for the lever.

4. If you cannot collect sofa accordion, for example, the mechanism has stopped working, the characteristic click is not heard, it is necessary to replace some structural components or the mounting. Professionals will make it quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team