How to collect the bought greenhouse from polycarbonate by the hands

How to collect the bought greenhouse from polycarbonate by the hands

After you were lucky to buy the greenhouse from polycarbonate, she will need to be collected. Of course, it is possible to invite experts, but the cost of these works can reach 50-70% of the price of the greenhouse and not all hired crews collect "on conscience". Therefore if you have drill screw driver, desire to save means, collect lodge for cultivation of vegetables.

We do marking

At first it is necessary to prepare the place for the greenhouse from polycarbonate. It has to be rather equal, not have inclination. Look what sizes at your acquisition, make by them marking on the site.

If you grow up cucumbers, tomatoes in the greenhouse from polycarbonate or other vegetables from spring to fall, have it longwise from the North on the South. If you plan distillation of greens and other cultures in winter time, it is better to put the greenhouse longwise from the West on the East.


Now you should decide on the base. If piles are included in the package, establish them on perimeter to the earth. If they are absent, you can fill in the concrete melkozaglublenny foundation or put bricks on perimeter, and on this basis already place bar with a section of 100 x 150 mm, bring down from it box, having connected parts self-tapping screws, steel corners.

Do not forget to impregnate this wood structure with anti-septic tank from all directions. The greenhouse sizes from polycarbonate can be various. Usually its width 2-3, length of 2-6 meters.

Assembly of profile

Begin to collect the greenhouse from faces. Take the sheet of polycarbonate of the corresponding size. The protective film is pasted on its face side. Remove it, put leaf on the first face. Attach polycarbonate to basis by means of roofing self-tapping screws. Then, carefully, slowly, cut off polycarbonate on extreme points of face sharp stationery knife with the moving-forward edge. Doors, window leaf at this stage we do not cut. In the same way issue the second face.

Establish greenhouse profile parts on the base. If you use pile, insert horizontal parts of profile into grooves of piles. If you put on the basis from bar, attach self-tapping screws 80-90 mm long with washers to its outer side profile of foundation of the greenhouse.

Having receded from edge of bar of 2 cm, attach the first part of the basis. Then, insert the Tee adapter into its face, attach to it the following part of foundation of the greenhouse. When it is fixed, insert hotbed arches into the top opening of the Tee adapter.

Having raised the head, you will see in them openings. They are necessary to put horizontal profile and to bolt it with arches and nuts. So far only acquire them. Attach to the general design side faces with polycarbonate.

Accessories, polycarbonate

Fix hooks for doors, window leaves. Now it is necessary to cut stationery knife small rectangles on the place of loops, to cut through openings between window leaf, door that they well opened. Leave doors in such open position and only now fix bolts nazhivlenny earlier and nuts of profile by means of drill or the powerful screw driver. Attach on the place handles for doors and window leaves.

Now it is possible to fix sheets of polycarbonate. Lay the first at once after face, it will be perpendicular to greenhouse length. Fix it by screws, previously having put galvanized tape. Then precisely so attach the second leaf about opposite face of the greenhouse. Fix them at first from the right and left side of construction, the last you lay the central leaf. Then the greenhouse from polycarbonate is collected and ready for operation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team