How to collect the greenhouse from polycarbonate

How to collect the greenhouse from polycarbonate

All constituent parts of greenhouses from polycarbonate are usually packed into separate boxes. At first it is necessary to collect the side parts of greenhouses delivered in set from three parts. Panels are already revetted with sheet polycarbonate. And it is very simple to connect them: it is only enough to you to fasten of them by means of bolts which are fixed by lock-nuts.


1. Having fastened all panels, it is possible to start connection of edge sections and horizontal guides. In front and back edge sections there are openings under bolts. Upon termination of faces greenhouses sbalchivaniye, it will be necessary for you by means of bolts and fixing corners to connect them to horizontal guides.

2. Assembly of the main sections happens as follows: at first it is necessary to lay the lower guides of framework of your future greenhouse on soil. At the same time it is better to stack them on dense cardboard or bars. Further these guides join by screw fastening arches (through brackets).

3. The next stage of assembly of the greenhouse is installation of horizontal guides on arches. For fixing of intermediate arches on guides of framework of the greenhouse it is possible to use special steel collars 2 mm thick. Collars consist of two halves and are pulled together with bolts with a diameter about 8 mm. By means of the same collars it is possible to carry out adjunction to pediment. Having finally collected framework, strengthen it in soil by means of the metal pins inserted into the mounting holes which are in the lower horizontal guides.

4. Now it is possible to pass to greenhouse framework covering with polycarbonate. For this purpose begin to stack sheets of cellular polycarbonate from above of the greenhouse, fixing them by means of roofing self-tapping screws. These self-tapping screws along with bolts are included in the package. Finally the window leaf is established.

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