How to collect the most kitchen corner

How to collect the most kitchen corner

The kitchen corner is the best solution of situation of kitchens on ergonomics, convenience, and cosiness. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to buy the ready corner suitable on dimension and color. But if desired, persistence and attentiveness it is possible to make it with own hands. The kitchen corner is serious product on work volume, but the main handmade advantage consists in economy of means.


1. Design kitchen corner on paper. There are no kitchens, identical on dimensions, therefore project corner necessary to you in the place. Make corner basis framework of rectangular framework, for this purpose take boards with a section of 25х125 mm, you collect and you stick together framework. You place vertically all framework and you fix them to floor screws, twisting them in the dowels inserted into openings. You do crossing points. You saw off them circular saw that they have turned out 25х75 mm.

2. For durability of the basis of frame you connect by longitudinal crossing points. You add crossing point from above. This will be bench skeleton. By means of screws and glue you fix plywood covering. In the beginning you fix side panels, then it is necessary to finish front part of book sections. To front inside of bench you fix finishing nails rabbeted covering. Notch ""on mustache"" internal and external corners. Slots between side covering and floor will be closed by plinth. You cut saw the top edge and you fix it in the place glue and nails.

3. Further you fix plywood covering to bench framework. Grind all surfaces shlif the machine with small abrasive paper. Slots and openings from nails to proshpaklyuyta latex sealant. Before painting all wooden surfaces need to be grounded. Pillows can be made of fabric, to inside fill thick foam rubber. Consider the basic rule: the minimum width of seat has to be equal to 325 mm plus thickness of pillow. Height of bench is about 500 mm without half of thickness of pillows.

4. Think over the drawing on paper to trifles. Drawings of drawings can be found in the Internet easily. However they demand small adjustment. Cut all parts exactly and accurately, you do not hurry. If are not sure, repeat measurements several times. Treat business responsibly and then everything at you surely will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team