How to collect vertical blinds

How to collect vertical blinds

Today blinds are the leader of sales. They can be met at offices, offices, in educational and medical institutions, premises. Vertical blinds are excellent decision for rooms with low ceilings. They visually change space, increasing height of ceilings.

It is required to you

  • - drill;
  • - hammer;
  • - screw driver;
  • - screw-drivers;
  • - knife;
  • - fixture;
  • - tape measure.


1. Vertical blinds have the mass of advantages not only on design qualities, but also on functionality and simplicity of operation. You will be able to collect rather easily their houses independently.

2. Attentively read the instruction: you have to are interested in the exact length of lamel without fastening. Take tape measure and measure height of blinds, note this size directly on wall.

3. Make marks on width. It is desirable that the eaves overstepped the bounds of window on 5-10 cm. Trace that the eaves have been located strictly horizontally. For accuracy use level.

4. Take bracket. Put its upper part to wall and make tag. Drill by means of drill in opening wall, and then insert dowel, after - shirt from dowel. Put bracket and fix by self-tapping screws it. Attach eaves which need to be inserted before characteristic click to brackets.

5. Unroll lamelederzhatel so that the opening has been located to window. Check that lamels were not at an angle, differently when you collect blinds, they will be warped and will not gather in accordion.

6. Insert lamels in lamelederzhatel, having attached to runners. If you have blinds with the drawing, then attach them in the same sequence as they are in roll. In the bottom of lamel insert small weights (plastinochka) and attach chain.

7. To operate lamels (to collect them in accordion or on the contrary to close all window) you will be control knob, and the chain serves for turn of blinds and adjustment of luminous flux. In case of violation in work of blinds - it can be unusual noise, fragility of holders, etc. - address to customer service or shop where you have got blinds.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team