How to collect wall "Makarena

How to collect wall "Makarena

Modern walls have nothing in common with bulky designs of the last century. The graceful wall of Makaren consists of several modules which can be arranged to the taste. Such furniture is at the same time decoration of the living room and the capacious system of storage for clothes, books and ware.

It is required to you

  • - assembly instruction;
  • - screw driver;
  • - tape measure;
  • - level;
  • - hammer.


1. Upon purchase of wall to you will suggest to use services of the furniture assembler at additional expense. You can significantly save if decide to collect wall of Makaren by own efforts. Trace that the seller has not forgotten to enclose in packing the instruction with schemes.

2. Before collecting wall of Makaren, prepare workplace and tools. It is better to collect furniture directly in that room where it will be subsequently. If necessary lay oilcloth or fabric on floor.

3. Unroll packing and spread out parts separately for each module: hills, case, side open shelf, clothes, linen or angular locker. Check availability of all parts and accessories. Pay special attention to glass regiments and doors, carry away them to other room better not to damage in the course of work.

4. Begin assembly of wall of Makaren with the hill. Find side, lower and upper parts of the body. Connect them among themselves screws that the framework has turned out. Establish table-top for the TV. Fix back wall, pay attention to openings for cords, they have to be over table-top. Put the hill vertically and begin to fill with small parts.

5. Complete the lower drawers, being guided by the scheme of assembly. Fasten handles. Fix guides on boxes and framework. Establish drawers, having connected elements of guides.

6. Insert holders for the opened and closed shelves. Hang up regiments. On the closed cabinets establish doors, having fastened to them loops. Establish glass fragments on doors and hang them on sideboard which is over niche for the TV. In the last turn fix door handles.

7. Collect cabinets and case for wall of Makaren. For each module collect the framework consisting of vertical and horizontal parts. Attach back walls from fibreboard.

8. Establish regiments in the lower offices of cabinets and the top office of linen and side cabinet. In the top office of clothes locker hang up bar. On inside of door fix mirror.

9. Fasten loops to door handles. Hang doors and check availability of slots. Adjust screws in loops so that between doors there were no gaps.

10. Collect edge cabinet with open angular regiments. For this purpose connect among themselves back panels. Establish holders for shelves in the prepared openings, hang up angular regiments. Assembly of wall of Makaren is complete, it was necessary only to place all modules according to your desire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team