How to combat bed bugs

How to combat bed bugs

Bugs are night blood-sicking insects. They can lodge in bedding, but at the same time it is necessary to process all apartment. It is possible to make extermination of insects by means of experts from intelligence agencies or independently.

  • - wormwood;
  • - tansy;
  • - aerosols for extermination of the flying and creeping insects;
  • - ampoules for extermination of garden wreckers;
  • - turpentine;
  • - kerosene;
  • - bottle with the spray;
  • - laundry detergent;
  • - points;
  • - respirator;
  • - gloves.

1. If you have found in bed of bugs, so they have lodged in all apartment therefore remove sheets, blanket covers and pillowcases, wash them in the washing machine, boil, dry and stroke the hot iron.

2. Remove all mattresses and place on frost. If you have found bugs in summertime, then dry mattresses in the sun or hand over in the zharochny camera which is available in each sanoepidemstantion.

3. In house conditions you can make strong broth of wormwood, pour it in bottle with the spray and sprinkle all upholstered furniture, mattresses, carpets, and then to dry. For preparation of broth place 1 kg of dry raw materials in capacity, fill in 3 liters of boiled water, insist within 3 hours, filter, wring out. The same solution wash the floor and sprinkle walls. Bugs do not transfer smell of wormwood and will leave your room and bedding. The same effect is rendered by tansy. Apply it by the same method as wormwood.

4. Instead of herbs use for processing of bedding, upholstered furniture, walls and floor the aerosols intended for destruction of the flying and creeping insects. Before their application take measures of individual protection, put on glasses, gloves, respirator, it is abundant sprinkle all objects, in 2 hours air the room and make damp cleaning.

5. The ampoules intended for extermination of garden wreckers can be used also for destruction of bugs. Part 1 ampoule in two liters of water, pour solution in bottle with the spray and process all bedding, carpets, upholstered furniture, walls and floor.

6. Also you can dissolve solution from water, kerosene and turpentine and to process it all premises. For mixing of mortar you will need 5 liters of water, 50 g of kerosene and 50 g of turpentine.

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