How to combine balcony with the room

How to combine balcony with the room

Balcony or loggia – living space which often is practically not used. If at the same time you have small apartment, there is nothing surprising that you have decided to expand space and to combine balcony with the room.

It is required to you

  • - the warming materials;
  • - plastic windows;
  • - Heat-insulated floor system or electric heater.


1. Before beginning re-planning, carry out coordination of works and get permission from ZhEK and BTI. The danger of unauthorized expansion consists in possibility of deterioration in conditions of accommodation of your neighbors, violations of architectural integrity of facade and even destruction of all building. Experienced designers will count all changes of deformations in knots of designs and all possible consequences. Perhaps, for maintaining reliability of walls before uniting balcony with the room, you should establish additional columns or metal frame or not to destroy subwindow part of wall.

2. Glaze balcony good plastic windows, they well will keep heat indoors. Choose windows depending on climate and your requirements to warm and shumizolyation, for moderate winter the triple-pane glass will be the best option.

3. Dismantle old windows and balcony door, all unnecessary elements.

4. Warm balcony floor. For this purpose fill in all openings with polyurethane foam and when it dries, apply lubricant waterproofing on floor and the lower part of walls. By means of the special self-leveled tsemento-sand mix level surface (layer thickness no more than 30 mm not to make heavier design). Then lay plates of expanded polystyrene or mineral wool, gluing all joints with paroizolyatsionny adhesive tape. Lay final covering, for example, from easy polimerbeton.

5. Keeping external wall of balcony, inside carry out additional warming. Make furring and strengthen heat-insulating plates, for example, from mineral wool or expanded polystyrene. From above close wall decorative panels or lining. You can also put parapet under glazing from foam-concrete blocks and cover them with plaster coat layer no more than 15 mm.

6. Warm balcony ceiling, for this purpose paste on it heat-insulating plates, and atop make facing of gypsum cardboard.

7. Execute the finishing decorative finishing of loggia and install on it the electric radiator of heating. Remember that it is forbidden to extend pipes and to transfer batteries from the apartment to loggia.

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