How to combine colors in interior

How to combine colors in interior

Choosing colors for interior design, people choose the state of health and mood for several years. Therefore it is necessary to treat selection of color gamma responsibly. Color of interior should not irritate, strain, and, on the contrary has to harmonize, restore forces spent during the day. How to pick up optimum combination of flowers?

Colors in interior and their combination

Red color in interior

Red color will suit the active people and also closed since it influences the central nervous system and causes desire to move, achieve goals. But if you have problems with elevated pressure – it is undesirable to use red color.

Red is combined with dark green shades: in color of grass, marsh, emerald. It is ideally combined with blue, white, orange, black, golden-yellow and silver color.

Red is not combined with brown, violet and chestnut colors. The shade red – terracotta perfectly will be suitable for registration of modern interior. The crimson shade is well combined with beige. Color of fuchsia is combined with all shades of gray colors, white and yellow. The bright interior will turn out at combination red and brick, at the same time in interior surely there has to be furniture of dark brown color.

Green color in interior

Green color calms, takes off fatigue. It is color of serenity, the world, hope, development. Green people with quiet character who appreciate constancy love and do not love experiments. Green color treats heart diseases, asthma, insomnia and weak sight. Popular combinations: green – white – blue, green – red, green – beige. Also green it is combined with yellow, light green, blue, black, burgundy, orange, red. Green color is not combined with gray, violet and blue. Dark shades of green will be suitable for registration of modern interior: grassy, marsh, bright green, olive, khaki. These shades are combined with burgundy and red color, with white, beige, mustard, pistachio and olive shades Beautifully look. Green with fiery red will make interior unusually stylish.

Blue and blue colors in interior

Blue and blue are the basic weakening colors. Blue color "cools" space, it is considered in business color. Blue color calms, causes drowsiness – is suitable for the bedroom. Blue and blue colors treat disorder of GIT, allergy, insomnia. Blue it is combined with red, gray, burgundy, golden, beige, color of ivory, turquoise and violet. Blue color with green, brown, lilac is not combined. Blue color is combined with red, orange, blue, light-violet, with green all shades, with beige, white, gray and black. Popular color combination: cold blue and warm red.

Violet color in interior

Violet color calms, awakens intuition, it is considered color of wisdom and inspiration. Violet does space narrow, oppressing therefore it is better not to use it in pure form. Dark violet is combined with mustard, gray, beige, brown, color of ivory, gold, white, pink, orange, yellow. Violet it is not combined with dark green and red. Good option for premises: lilac with small addition of gray. Furniture at the same time can be white or dark brown.

Yellow color in interior

Yellow – positive color, it is associated with the summer sun, heat, joy, gold and wealth, but has also negative value: represents uneasiness, treachery, treason. This color is preferred by very clever people wishing to become independent, strong and successful. Yellow color is recommended to athletes because it feeds muscles with vital force. Yellow treats diseases of liver, gall bladder, kidneys, rheumatism, diabetes. It is not recommended at neuralgia and tachycardia. Yellow color is combined with green, white, black, blue, gray, violet, brown. Yellow it is not combined with lilac, blue, pink and burgundy. In interior of the apartment it is better not to use yellow color in large number. Better such shades as ochre, corn, gold, pear or mustard will approach. These colors are well combined with brown, gray, terracotta shades. It is good to choose yellow color for registration of office interior since it improves mood and relationship in collective. Fashionable combination of flowers: yellow – blue.

White and black colors in interior

White color does the room "cold", installs sense of superiority. Black color narrows space, fills with dread. White it is combined with all flowers and shades. Black it is combined with red, gray, white, yellow and green. Black it is not combined with beige, pink and lilac. It is indoors better to use white with shade: color of ivory, linen, creamy. Bright white well looks only with dark blue color. It is better to dose black color in interior. It is often used in non-residential premises: in the hall, in toilet. The black wall will be suitable for gallery of pictures, panel.

Registration of interior in certain rooms of residential building

In the living room often receive guests. Blue, violet, purple colors will be suitable for creation of festive mood. For sleeping it is recommended green, pink, gray, beige, blue. It is better to issue the nursery gray, white, blue, svetdo-green. The variety of bright colors has negative effect on emotional condition of the child. And here furniture, bed linen have to be bright. In kitchen it is better to use blue-green color or blue. They improve mood and visually expand space. Very bright colors will be suitable for bathroom: turquoise, lilac, pink or blue. Attic rooms with slanted ceiling are not marked (walls and ceiling are painted in one color).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team