How to combine kitchen and the dining room

How to combine kitchen and the dining room

Traditionally the kitchen is intended for cooking, and the dining room for its reception. However, in Soviet period both functions were undertaken by small kitchen in which it was simply impossible to arrange the full-fledged dining room. Today in new spacious apartments there was opportunity to define the certain place for the dining room, having occupied for this purpose part of the living room and to unite both zones in one room.

It is required to you

  • - permission to demolition of wall;
  • - design project of kitchen dinning room.


1. Process documents for demolition or transfer of wall between kitchen and the dining room. It is only possible to make it if the partition which is not bearing. Otherwise, you such permission will not be given, or the project will demand additional calculations and researches.

2. Think over the design project of the combined room. Decide how you separate functional zones of kitchen and the dining room. Sposobov exists a little: zoning in color, zoning by means of furniture, split-level zoning, by means of color and light and so forth.

3. Sometimes there is sense instead of the removed wall to put light mobile partition. It will allow you to have if desired lonely corner in kitchen. And also will save the room from smells of the made food, especially, if to you guests have come. Then in kitchen it is not obligatory for you to establish superpowerful extract since the partition will prevent hit of smells to the dining room.

4. Adopt the most widespread option of association and division into zones of kitchen and the dining room – by means of bar counter. Especially it is suitable for young families where the cheerful companies often gather. Such option differs in creativity and the increased functionality. First, you get additional workplace for cooking and storage of kitchen utensils. You receive extra space for acceptance of food and rassazhivaniye of large number of guests. Besides, it is not obligatory for you to lay every time table in the dining room, and it is possible to have a bite fast and at bar counter.

5. You can make combination of kitchen and the living room due to expansion of the kitchen. For example, at transfer of wall and reduction of area of the neighboring room or connection of kitchen with the room of the small sizes (8-9 sq.m). Then your kitchen dinning room can be uniform organism without strong indications of zoning. But it is worth separating one function from another nevertheless. And here it is the best of all to make it by means of lighting. Over work area of kitchen make dot illumination, and over dining table hang up beautiful chandelier.

6. You can lay floor in work area keram-granite, and to lay out lunch zone laminate or parquet. If you have in all room uniform wooden flooring, can allocate zones, having painted floor different colors or having made ornament in lunch zone, to imitate carpet and so forth.

7. Furniture in kitchen and table zone not necessarily has to coincide on color and texture. But it should be selected carefully in one style and the tone decision. Form, quality and the size – everything has to is in harmony with each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team