How to combine the bedroom and office

How to combine the bedroom and office

Not always there is opportunity to allocate the separate room for study. Combination of the bedroom and office with allocation of recreation area and work area can become exit from current situation.

It is required to you

  • plan of the room;
  • furniture models;
  • additional devices of lighting;
  • earphones;


1. To combine the bedroom and office, it is not obligatory to make re-planning of the apartment. The work area and recreation area can be differentiated by means of furniture, folding screens or curtains. The first stage of combination of the bedroom and office consists in drawing up detailed plan of the room. Apply on scaled paper the plan of the room in scale 1:50. Cut out furniture models from dense paper (top view) and place them on the plan. Moving models, choose just for decoration the optimum location. Consider that for the privacy inherent to working mood, the deadlock corner best of all approaches.

2. Note on the plan of the location of lighting equipment and sockets. In order that combination of the bedroom and office was comfortable for all inhabitants of the room, equip both zones with individual lighting. Even if in the room there is general lighting, for example chandelier, equip work table and bedside table with additional desk lamps. Besides, provide availability of sockets in each zone – it will save you from possible inconveniences.

3. If the sizes of the room allow, the zone of office can be separated from the bedroom by means of furniture, for example cabinet or rack. It will allow not only to separate zones, but also will create the additional area for storage of books, disks or papers. If the sizes of the room do not allow to differentiate space volume furniture, use the folding screen or curtains suspended by means of guides. Depending on extent of necessary isolation it is possible to hang up dense curtains or easy translucent curtains.

4. In order that work in office did not prevent the second partner to have a rest in the bedroom, equip workplace with earphones – it will allow to save the having a rest partner from noise background and at the same time will give you the chance to work quietly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team