How to combine wall-paper in the bedroom

How to combine wall-paper in the bedroom

Decoration of the walls in the bedroom – process especially responsible. Color can influence quality of rest and mood, and environmental friendliness of materials of finishing is important for good dream. It is necessary to select wall-paper and taking into account the aims which you pursues in registration of the room.

General rules

By means of correctly picked up combination of wall-paper it is possible to increase or reduce visually the room, "to raise" ceiling, or to zone space without use of walls and partitions. When choosing wall-paper it is necessary to consider lighting of the room and condition of walls. Wall-paper, more dense on texture, are capable to hide small shortcomings of surface, thin, on the contrary, will bare them.

Combination of flowers

Most often for the bedroom choose quiet pastel tone. Distinguish from the most suitable color gamma beige, green, blue, brown, pink and lilac. At the same time it is necessary to consider the principles of combination of flowers. Those which meet in the nature are considered as the most advantageous. If you the admirer of exclusively bright paints, all the same they have to be diluted with quieter tones, when it comes to bedroom walls.

Visually such reception will help to increase the room sizes: near window it is necessary to paste wall-paper of dark shades, and near door – light.

Combination of the drawing

The drawing combination will help to make the room much more interesting. The main recommendation here – not to combine large and small patterns on wall-paper. Allocation by the drawing serves for creation of separate space in the room. For example, wall-paper in strip can be pasted in sleeping zone, and in wall-paper of the same color, but in peas – in the worker.

Horizontal combination

Has found wide popularity, so-called, horizontal combination when from below walls are glued, most often, monophonic wall-paper, and from above – with the drawing. The joint is closed, as a rule, border or decorative tape. Such reception visually expands space therefore will be suitable for narrow rooms.

At horizontal combination it is possible "to raise" or "lower" visually ceiling, doing the lower part is shorter or longer in comparison with top.

Vertical combination

The option of vertical combination when wall-paper of different flowers, drawings, the sizes or invoices alternates among themselves, is also suitable for the bedroom. It helps to achieve various visual effects. This way as well as possible is suitable for zoning of space. It is possible to focus attention on any given site of the room, having made walls monophonic, and in the desirable place to pokleit one or several strips of contrast wall-paper.


The unique interior can be created by means of photowall-paper, especially if they are custom-made. In order that nothing distracted attention from them of attention, it is better to make walls monophonic or to pick up wall-paper with not too shouting pattern. Too bright photowall-paper should be combined with quiet flowers, and, on the contrary, photowall-paper of pastel tones is recommended to be combined with covering of walls of more juicy shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team