How to concrete columns for fence

How to concrete columns for fence

Damp sandy soil promotes fast destruction of support for various materials fence. Use of concrete as strengthening of the basis will allow design to serve for many years.

It is required to you

  • - spade
  • - garden drill
  • - earth drill of TISE
  • - roofing material
  • - concrete
  • - plastic bags
  • - wooden bar
  • - drill
  • - armature
  • - bubble level


1. Take sharply ground spade and in the places chosen for installation of columns, remove roots and cut off the turf that they did not interfere with the forthcoming drilling. The amount of deepening will be defined by diameter of drill.

2. Install in pole by depth about shovel bayonet garden drill. Walk it most deeply. At once submerge the extracted soil in wheelbarrow and you bring to the place allocated in advance. If depth of garden drill is not enough, take earth drill of TISE.

3. You make drilling on depth about 1.7 m (soil frost depth). In completion of work on plow install the dilator. In the lower part of the well do anchor expansion. It will allow column to remain on the place and not to be pushed out outside in frost.

4. To isolate concrete from underground waters, make tube of roofing material and put on plastic bag its end. Insert design into the well and start concreting. For prevention of untwisting of tube over ground level build low box timbering from scraps of boards.

5. Concrete in the course of laying will densely press ruberoid pipe to deepening walls, forcing out the water which has accumulated at the bottom up. Folds of plastic bag will finish, concrete will be completely isolated from soil and water. Use as funnel old bucket without bottom. Do not forget to shtykovat concrete rail from time to time.

6. Without reaching well top, stop concreting. Insert reinforcing bars which length has to be slightly less than length of ready column into just poured concrete.

7. For restriction of height of columns pull cord along the line of fence. Measure distance from it to top of the wooden box established in the center of the well. Mark it on asbestos-cement pipe, having taken its top for datum point.

8. Drill in pipe through hole into which insert the pin from steel rod and put on pipe the armature which is sticking out of the well. The pin, leaning against box timbering, will support pipe in hover.

9. Attach bubble level to tops of pipes and, being guided by its indicators, level columns down. Fixing them knee braces, continue concreting of the top share of the well.

10. Before final filling of deepening with concrete beat out the steel pin. Leave the established pipe for day for concrete skhvatyvaniye.

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