How to concrete site

How to concrete site

When construction of the house goes to end, time to think of improvement of the site approaches. For certain you will want to equip recreation area, to lay paths, to prepare the convenient location for the parking of the car and so forth. All this means concreting of platforms of various forms. It is possible to asphalt, of course, them, but hardly you will manage to lay asphalt independently and from the esthetic point of view the concreting is more preferable.


1. At first, by means of pegs and rope, mark the place and form of site. Remove fertile soil layer and for a while store. Further you will find for it worthy application – use for the device of greenhouses, beds, etc. Depth of the chosen layer has to be about 25 cm (if you are not going to place at it KAMAZ). Define whether will undergo any communications under site. If yes, that put for them "cases" from pipes or boxes. Level soil and slightly stamp.

2. Now start the device of sand-crushed-stone pillow – to foundation of future platform or path. Its thickness depends on the expected loading – than loading is higher, especially the thick layer of sand, crushed stone and concrete has to be. In the beginning pour out layer of sand 10 cm thick. Humidify it and stamp. Then layer of crushed stone of the same thickness. Also water it and carefully condense.

3. In advance make timbering in the form of rectangle with the parties of 1 m and 1.5 m. For its production take eaves board thickness to the 20-25th, width the 7-8th (it is possible to use second-hand boards). Establish timbering on layer of broken stones so that the upper edge of board acted over ground level on the 2-3rd. Check correctness of installation level. Lay inside mesh reinforcement.

4. Prepare concrete solution from cement, sand and water in proportion 1:3 and fill in it in timbering. Solution put slightly more upper edge of casting board. Tamper (it is possible to take thick board 1.2 m long of 50 mm) align concrete layer to the board top. If there were emptiness, add solution and repeatedly level. Let's harden a little and fill up with layer of damp sawdust or rags. The same way fill in the following rectangle, until then, pack ice all square will not be flooded with even layer of concrete. The boards left in site will perform function of the compensator at temperature expansions and will not allow concrete to break upon transition of temperature from plus to minus and vice versa.

5. Within 3 days moisten sawdust in order that the surface of concrete has not cracked when drying. When concrete gets stronger, on outer sides of site remove casting boards and establish border.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team