How to conduct economic activity

How to conduct economic activity

Now citizens have opportunity to receive the site of the earth which belongs to the category of agricultural purpose in property. If you the owner of such site are also going to conduct economic activity on it, then have to know that its look can be limited to the allowed use.


1. On the agricultural land their owner or the tenant has the right to work only within the regulations approved for this category of lands and purpose of the site which has been defined at paperwork on it. The site could be provided to you, in particular, for maintaining personal subsidiary or country farm, agricultural production, livestock production, gardening, truck farming or for country construction.

2. For each of these types of activity there are regulations limiting conducting economic activity on these sites. So, if type of the allowed use of your parcel – "for agricultural production", then you can make on it processing of lands and cultivation of crops. On this earth it is possible to build the enterprises for storage and processing of agricultural products, to use it as arable land, under long-term plantings or for livestock production.

3. When the site is received "for country construction", on it it is possible to build country residential building with the right of registration or the non-capital building without the right of registration and farm buildings. On the seasonal dacha you have the right for cultivation of fruits and berries, vegetables, potatoes, melon and other crops. Practically also you can conduct economy and on the lands allocated for gardening.

4. But here the site intended under kitchen garden does not provide construction on it capital residential buildings and cultivation of long-term fruit crops. And the right of construction of non-capital residential building and economic buildings and constructions is provided depending on the allowed use of the parcel defined when zoning territories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team