How to connect bar in corners

How to connect bar in corners

In Russia it is accepted to build houses of logs for a long time. Such house was considered as reliable and durable, there was it and prosperity symbol in family, build it always cost considerable money. Today the bar is more often used.

At construction of the qualitative house from bar the large role is played by the way of compound of wood chosen by you as not only reliability of design, but also building thermal insulation depends on it: the wall during the winter period of time will or not freeze through. Therefore before construction of the house it is necessary to pay attention to way of connection of bar in corners. All known ways are described in GOST 30974-2002.

Method of the two-sided lock

The double-sided lock is manufactured by method of perpendicular propil from two parties. Everyone has spent on drink has to be made on quarter of the general thickness. After commission has spent on drink joining of bars in groove becomes. It is necessary to watch that when joining the sizes coincided. All this is necessary in order that there was no cracking of tree or long distances between grooves in which wind will blow and to get atmospheric precipitation.

Connection skovorodny and poluskovorodnemv these connections the end of one bar is cut in the form of trapeze, and in other bar the space from edge about 10 cm becomes, and at this distance the dredging under this form is cut. Then there is bar insert in the received dredging. This connection is well protected from wind and does not demand additional warming and isolation.

Connection in thorn

There are two types of connection. It connections in half-tree and plug-in thorn. When using connection in half-tree in bar the dredging at distance of 120 mm from edge on depth to equal half of bar becomes. Then dredging under groove in face of bars becomes. Bars join and insert thorn into them. Connection is ready. At plug-in thorn in bars the dredging under groove in face of the first bar becomes, and on the second the space from edge of bar of 100 mm becomes, and at this distance the dredging under groove is carried out. When using plug-in thorn cut groove under thorn, bars are joined, and the thorn is inserted into them.


Connection larkspur has received the name because of the form reminding bird. It is necessary for this connection on distance 150 mm from edge of log to cut at an angle from two parties big groove, at the same time the inclination has to be from edge of bar and make no more than 10-15 degrees from each party. Otherwise at you the form of the return trapeption will turn out. After that it is possible to join bars, but at the same time it is necessary to watch connection form that in them there were no big gaps because moisture and wind will get to them. For increase in durability in this connection it is possible to drill opening and to insert wood nail into the center of connection, but such method is applied not often.

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