How to connect bar in length

How to connect bar in length

Ways of connection of bar are in many respects similar to those which use when building logs. But in case with bar there are features and subtleties which knowledge considerably will facilitate process of mounting of wood structures.

For long centuries of use of wood in construction of housing the extensive experience in work with sawn timber is accumulated. But today material substantially differs from that which was earlier. Products can be different not only as wood, but to its grade and method of processing.

Ways of connection of bar in length

Standard length of bar – 6 m. In construction of the walls exceeding this indicator its building which is made by the bandaging method excluding arrangement of joints at one line is required. For this purpose in the ranks of bars of connection carry out in turn: on the one hand houses will lay missing piece, with another.

Wreaths increase by "key groove" method, otherwise call it "in half of tree". It is the easiest way of connection of bar and it is carried out by deepening of one face in thickness of the second. For this purpose the relevant parties of these elements cut on ½ thickness. For bigger confidence of the place of joints fix by means of pins or other fixtures. The two-sided lock is more difficult. It is joining of sawn timber by "groove in groove" method. For this purpose in faces of the connected bars do the perpendicular planes of cut of pro-saw. Each of the fastened elements is obliged to have the groove and the thorn, but they have to be located so that at connection of faces the ledge of one has entered dredging of another and vice versa. In this method of building in length it is very important to sustain the sizes of zapil, otherwise durability of joining will be doubtful. One more way of connection of sawn timber – "the deaf skovoroden". It is more often used in angular joinings, but is good also for building in length. That this method to fasten sawn timber, at one face of bar cuts thorn in the form of triangle with horizontally truncated top, and on the second – groove of similar form. It is docked by overlaying of thorn from above and its driving in in groove.

What way of building of bar in length the most effective?

The most reliable connection consider quadrilateral groove. But it is very difficult in performance of zapil therefore it in practice is used seldom. Here the maximum accuracy in calculations, measurements, cutting out is required. Therefore such work is trusted only professionals. Before the master could do this difficult dredging by means of one axe. Today on arms at builders modern powerful tools, but not at all this difficult "lock" turns out to make: the skill in such work nevertheless is necessary.

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