How to connect bathtub

How to connect bathtub

There are several ways of installation and connection of the bathroom. And each of them is good in own way. Let's say you have already trimmed walls with the laminated polyvinylchloride panels, and then have wanted to put bathtub. In this case to get the idea of wall there is no opportunity any more therefore it is necessary to look for roundabout ways.


1. The sewerage together with distributing of water pipes has to be already executed. If is not present – make distributing of pipes, considering the locations of openings at new bathtub. Let's consider case with installation of normal steel bathtub with possibility of regulation of height by means of legs.

2. Begin mounting with exposure of bathtub as it will be located in the operating position, that is with small inclination towards draining. Now to otchertita under bottom edges of the bathtub which is (previously established) the line by means of marker. This line will become the place of fixing of basic bar, to be exact, with location of its top edge.

3. As support for bathtub the wooden bar having the section of 20х50 cm will serve. It can seem strange, tree with water "is not on friendly terms". But if to process it properly, nothing bad happens. If there is no wish to put wooden bar, use metal corner. Remove bathtub after marking that did not disturb, and then attach to walls bars through each 20-30 cm.

4. Paste bilateral adhesive tape on bottom edge of your bathtub, then accurately establish bathtub from above. Double-check that the bathtub leaned on bars both bottom edges. And will be if you have made everything correctly before. Pay the attention that after installation of your bathtub on bars, adjustment of its inclination by means of legs will be already impossible.

5. Fill in joint between wall and bar with silicone sealant. It is better to do it in several calling that sealant has completely filled seam. You put each following layer of sealant after drying of the previous layer. Do not forget to air bathtub during operating time with sealant in all possible ways, otherwise you can nanyukhatsya silicone.

6. Close silicone seam white plinth from PVC with soft rubber edges. Such plinth will perfectly hold water. That's it.

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